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Sucre, Bolivia, Travel Guide

Sucre is the constitutional capital of Bolivia, and it also serves as the capital of the Chuquisaca Department, i.e., one of the nine constituent states. The center of the city is a prominent UNESCO world heritage site. The top attractions include Sucre’s Colourful Markets, La Glorieta Castle, and Sucre’s General Cemetery.

Where is Sucre Located Geographically?

Sucre is situated in the south-central part of Bolivia.  The place lies at an elevation of 2,810 meters (9,214 feet). This relatively high altitude gives the city a cold temperate climate year-round.

What are the Top Airports in Sucre?

The principal airport is Alcantara Airport (SRE), which is situated 30 km (19 mi) to the South. The airport is a replacement for the Juana Azurduy de Padilla International Airport, which got discontinued because of the security concerns.

How Long is the Flight to Sucre?

The flight distance and flight time to SRE has been mentioned for some cities. The distance and time are tentative and might vary a bit from airlines to airlines. The distance and time don’t include the transfer time involved at the overlay airport. If we have missed your city in the table, feel free to contact our customer service desk to know about it.

Flight Flight Distance Flight Time
San Francisco (SFO) to Sucre Flight (SRE) 5,379 miles/8657 km  11 hours 15 minutes
Los Angeles, CA to Sucre (SRE) Flight 5,046 miles/8121 kkm 10 hours 36 minutes
Chicago, IL to Sucre (SRE) Flight 4,426 miles/7123 km 9 hours 21 minutes
New York City to Sucre (SRE) Flight 4,145 miles/6671 km 8 hours 47 minutes
Dallas to Sucre (SRE) Flight 4,126 miles/6640 km 8 hours 45 minutes
Philadelphia, PA to Sucre (SRE) Flight 4,105 miles/6607 km 8 hours 43 minutes

Which Airlines Fly to Sucre?

The city is served by popular airlines including Avianca, United Airlines, Copa Airlines, American Airlines, and Latam Airlines Group.Most of the flights are connecting ones. Flights from JFK usually have their overlay at Panama City – PTY and Santa Cruz – VVI. Likewise, flights from Washington to Sucre have their overlay at Miami – MIA and Santa Cruz – VVI.  While booking your direct trip to Sucre, take into consideration the flight exchange city and duration. Our customer support professionals can help you find the shortest possible route and book cheap flight tickets to Sucre.

How Much Does It Cost to Fly to Sucre?

We have displayed a list of low-cost flights to Sucre at the beginning of this webpage. The fares are for round trip flights to Sucre and are based on past data or trend. Click on the plane, if you don’t get the same price, there is a chance that the fare might not be available. Perform a new flight search to know the latest valid fare. Flight distance, airlines type, travel category, and stopover duration are some of the critical factors that influence the cost of a flight ticket to Sucre.

How to Find Cheap Flights to Sucre

If you are flexible with your travel dates, go for the Flexible Date Fare, which appears at the top of the flight search. Check the travel dates, and layover airport and times, in case of a connecting flight. If the flight duration is of five to six hours, and you are okay with late night flight. Look for a red-eye flight to Sucre from your nearest airport. Get in touch with one of our customer care representatives to book low-cost flights to Sucre.

What is the Best Time to Visit Sucre?

Sucre features two seasons: 1. Dry season (winter) from April to September; 2. Rainy season (summer) from October to March. The dry season is the best time to visit. The days remain sunny and clear creating a comfortable atmosphere to travel. However, the season is likely to appeal more travelers; you should make your booking in advance to avoid ending up paying unexpected airfares for a last minute flight to Sucre. In the wet season, as the footfalls drop, the airfares plummet too. Hence, you are likely to have your hand on top deals on Sucre flights.

Top Things to Do in Sucre

1. Freedom House

What earlier served as a Jesuit chapel for administrative discussion and decision making has become a famous museum that gives you a walk-through to Bolivia’s history.

2. Parque Bolivar

Whether you are on an extended family vacation or a weekend getaway, Parque Bolivar welcomes you. Enjoy taking a stroll, get drenched in the circular fountain or sit on the side of it to have an Insta-worthy pic, climb on the tower to have an aerial view of the park, and do more.

3. Sucre Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Sucre, formerly La Plata, Bolivia is the seat of the Roman Catholic Church in Bolivia. Did you know that the church has a musical connect? Great composers like Andrés Flores and Sebastián de Los Ríos were trained by Juan de Araujo, who was honored as the maestro de capilla of the Cathedral of La Plata between 1680 and 1712).

4. Plaza 25 de Mayo

Plaza 25 de Mayo, sandwiched between the Cathedral and Casa de La, is one of the most-visited places in Bolivia. The area witnessed one of the historical moments – the declaration of independence of Bolivia. The beauty and vibrancy of the plaza make travelers spellbound.

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