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Syracuse: An Overview 

The county seat of Onondaga in central New York, USA, was Syracuse in 1827. It is situated at the southernmost end of Lake Onondaga, midway between Albany and Buffalo.


The location was originally the Onondaga Indians' land and the Iroquois Confederacy's headquarters. Explorers Samuel de Champlain and Pierre Esprit, sieur de Radisson (who was held hostage by the Mohawks) both visited the site in 1615 and 1651, respectively. The first European to notice the site's saline springs (later the foundation of a salt business) was the Jesuit missionary Father Simon Le Moyne in 1654. 


Nearby, in 1655–1656, a mission and Fort Sainte Marie de Gannentaha were founded; nevertheless, early colonization was hindered by Indian hostility and the swampy area, which was known for summer fevers. 


With all this history, Syracuse is definitely worth a visit.

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Best Time to Visit Syracuse

Mediterranean weather characterizes Siracusa, with hot, dry summers and moderate winters. The months of June through September are the ideal times to visit Siracusa if you like hot, bright days.

Syracuse: Fly with Major Airlines!

There are a number of significant airlines from which to select when making your travel reservations to Syracuse. You may compare costs from reputable airlines using Cheapfaremart's search bar to make sure you get the greatest offers on your airline tickets to Syracuse. American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and other major airlines are among those that serve Syracuse, New York.

Top 5 Places to Explore in Syracuse

1. Webster Pond

The primary attractions of the non-profit Anglers Association of Onondaga are fish and wildlife.  Webster Pond is a little refuge situated at 2004 Valley Drive in Syracuse, New York.  The pond is run by volunteers who open the facility so that anyone can donate and feed the animals. The pond opens from around 9 AM to 9 PM every year. In addition, we provide additional programs, such a junior fishing league for kids aged 7 to 15.  Fall and summer music events supported by outside vendors and much more. 

2. City Market

Every month, from May to October, Syracuse hosts the City Market on the second Sunday. It has relocated to Harrison Street's Everson Museum of Art this year.Antiques, artwork, handmade items, clothing from new and vintage local designers, jewelry made by local artisans, furniture made by local artisans, repurposed items, mid-century modern, industrial design, mission, local food vendors, and much more are among the features. On City Market Sundays, the museum is free to enter. A Market Fit for Urban Living.

3. Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Enjoy a day with exotic animals and wildlife conservation in a family-friendly environment in this Zoo that was founded in 1914. More than 700 animals representing 275 species call the Rosamond Gifford Zoo at Burnet Park home. 


Many of these animals are rare or threatened in the wild. They are one of just 236 zoos and aquariums in the country that have been shown to satisfy the highest standards of animal care, conservation, and visitor experience, having been certified as members of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA). 


Their mission is to foster human-nature relationships by offering unforgettable experiences, first-rate animal care, and unmatched conservation education. With the goal of giving visitors "the best day ever," Onondaga County Parks and the Friends of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo collaborate to run the zoo. They guarantee thrilling experiences, enduring memories, and knowledge that motivates global wildlife conservation.

4. Onondaga Historical Association

OHA is a privately owned, nonprofit organization that promotes education and offers services connected to history, museums, research and education centers, and retail operations. In order to gather and preserve historical, genealogical, scientific, and literary materials pertaining to Onondaga County, New York, community leaders established the Onondaga Historical Association (OHA) in 1862. The organization was formally chartered by the New York State Legislature in April of that same year. OHA has grown into much more than just our original aim now.

5. Erie Canal Museum

The sole building of its sort in the United States, the National Register 1850 Syracuse Weighlock Building, is located at the Erie Canal Museum. As the focal point for interpreting the history of the Erie Canal, the Museum's most significant artifact is the distinctive building where canal goods were originally weighed. 


Through interactive displays, hands-on exhibits, a full-size replica canal boat, narrative audio tracks, and original relics, the Museum brings 200 years of Erie Canal history to life for visitors. Historic maps, children's and adult novels, T-shirts, toys with Canal inspiration, and other items are available in the gift store. 


Q1. What is the coldest month in Syracuse?

Ans: Syracuse's coldest month is January when the average temperature overnight is 14.0°F.

Q2. For what is Syracuse most well-known?

Ans: With its museums, art galleries, concert venues, and other attractions, Syracuse is a hub for entertainment in the region.

Q3. Does Syracuse see a lot of snowfall?

Ans: With an average of 114.3 inches of snowfall annually, Syracuse has the highest yearly snowfall. 

Q4. What cuisine is well-known in Syracuse?

Ans: This also applies to Central New York; indulge in some truly CNY cuisine! We have a number of delectable regional specialties that we're famous for!

Q5. Which language is spoken in Syracuse?

Ans: While over 91% of the population in the Syracuse-Auburn region speaks only English at home, the top 10 speakers are listed in the Stacker ranking.


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