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Cheapfaremart offers a smart way to book cheap flights to Tucuman. The flight fares would be inclusive of base fare, fuel surcharge, service fee levied by Cheapfaremart and taxes imposed by airlines and airports. On Cheapfaremart, dynamic structures for fares have been practiced for last-minute flight bookings. Under no circumstances, Cheapfaremart will take the responsibility of discrepancies in the airfare to Tucuman. The airfares on Cheapfaremart are subject to historical data, and they might change as per the traffic and demand during specific seasons.

Tucumán, Argentina: Overview

Nicknamed El Jardín de la República (The Garden of the Republic) because of its highly productive agricultural land, Tucumán is one the provinces of Argentina. The province has the capital of San Miguel de Tucumán, often shortened to Tucumán.

‘El centro’ is literally the center, a 10 by 10 block area of San Miguel which is home to the majority of commercial stores and businesses. To the west (towards the mountain) you will pass Yerba Buena, which is a more residential area, with high class establishments. The top of the mountain is called San Javier, which features many look out spots, scenic tours, and elegant hotels. Prepare to be cold, as the temperature may drop a lot.

Airport in Tucumán

Tucuman International Airport

Official Name: The Teniente General Benjamín Matienzo International Airport

Airport Code: TUC

Location: 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) east of the city of San Miguel de Tucumán in Argentina.

Interesting Facts: The airport has been named after Benjamín Matienzo, (es) who died in the first attempt to fly over the Andes to Chile.

Carriers Operating to Tucumán from USA

Aerolíneas Argentinas: Aerolíneas is Argentina’s largest airline and the country’s flag carrier.

United Airlines: United Airlines is a major American airline headquartered at Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois

None of the carriers operate nonstop flights to Tucumán from the USA. Take a look at connection airports on some of the flight routes with their departure airport in the USA.


Departure City (Airport)

Arrival Airport

Flight Type

Connection Airport


San Francisco (SFO)



Houston Intercontinental


Buenos Aires (EZE)

United, Aerolineas

Boston (BOS)



Houston Intercontinental


Buenos Aires (EZE)

United, Aerolineas

Newark (EWR)



Houston Intercontinental


Buenos Aires (EZE)

United, Aerolineas

Best Time to Visit Tucuman

In Tucuman, you can find the climatic fusion of dry, hot and wet weather happening at one point in time. From the point of travelers, it is advisable to visit during August and September. During this time, the temperature remains well within the limits of 20-degree centigrade. Such a climatic condition can suit your traveling pursuits, and you can enjoy a lot by being there during this time of the year. With the onset of favorable weather, you can also get best deals on the flight fares to Tucuman, and even hotels also go friendly in the pockets. Most of the hotels are giving specific discounts on the room booking. Last minute flights to Tucuman can help you book the best hotels in Tucuman and explore this place in the best way.

Top Attractions in Tucuman

After your last minute flights to Tucuman, onboard the flight, you might be wondering about the top places to visit here. Here are a few places that should be included in your travelogue.

1. Casa Historica de Tucuman

To understand the rich culture, tradition, and history of Argentina, you cannot miss out on Tucuman. Cheapest flights to Tucuman can help you figure that out. This is the place where the declaration of Argentina as an independent state was signed on July 9, 1816. It will be a grave mistake to miss out on this place.

2. Private Antique Panoramic City Tour

To explore Tucuman in an antique convertible car would be an experience of a lifetime. With direct flights to Tucuman, Argentina, you can quickly take part in the fun and fiesta in Tucuman in this luxurious ride.

3. An Undulating and memorable Excursion to Tucuman

This could well be a private and distinguished affair with your family after you have booked the last minute flights to Tucuman. Your last minute plan will fructify when you experience forested gorges, a lush green valley in the half day tour to Tucuman. Get your experience redefined here.

4. El Chasqui

An Area well known for its vibrant art and subjects but it comes with minimum stop-by time. So, Next time, you will not have to wonder much about the time delay and stop-by hassles. With sparing just 10-15 minutes, you can readily embrace the art and architecture of Argentina.

Top Adventures in Tucuman

1. Paragliding

For those who are wishful of adventures, by booking flights to Tucuman, you can assure your heart that you will get some in Argentina. The paragliding is one such event that will keep your adrenaline flowing in the veins. But while going for this one, you must ensure that weather has been fair before the sport.

2. Horseback Riding

Your pleasure of riding on the horses will fructify only when you book last minute flights to Tucuman. Even if the plan is impromptu, last minute flights to Tucuman on Cheapfaremart can help you. Explore the rich flora and fauna of Argentina on-mount the horse.

3. Trekking

With direct flights to Tucuman, you can easily give shape to the trekking pursuits. The rough terrain will help you to trek in style and with elegance. Customized trekking has been promised in Tucuman where you can pick different difficulty levels before the plan.

4. Kayaking

Cheapest flights to Tucuman will ensure that you don’t have to lose out on the chance to kayak in the waters. Kayaking can easily give you the best chills. So, next time when you visit Argentina, never miss Tucuman as it will give you the real experience of the adventure.

Dining and Nightlife in Tucuman

Nightlife comes to action in Tucuman with foods and various kinds of sports.

1. Top Restaurants in Tucuman

IL POSTINO, Mi Nueva Estancia Park Restaurant, El Mercado are a few chief dining outlets that you should probably check in during your visit to Tucuman. The beef and pork quality has been lauded in these restaurants.

2. Top Bars in Tucuman

Antares Tucuman, Bar Irlanda, Cassis are few top check-out points for those in love with the booze. You can get different items not included in the menu with the innovation and dedication of the bar tender. Always be wishful to enjoy the rich liquid flowing down the throat.

Shopping Destinations in Tucuman

Women are always concerned about shopping after landing in the airport. In Tucuman, you can explore the benefit of the shopping with a few top markets to choose from your direct flights to Tucuman

1. Solar del Cerro

For those shopping lovers who want to explore new trends and fashion, they can check out Solar del Cerro after their direct flights to Tucuman. It is easy to check in to this location with easy shopping corners and areas dedicated to personalizing your shopping experience.

2. Museo Provincial Escultor Juan C. Iramain

If you wish to explore best gifts to be given to someone you love, you must check out this place after you de-board from your cheap flight to Tucuman. With numerous options to give you the best experience, you can very well expect a wonderful shopping experience.

3. Mercado del Norte

Direct flights to Tucuman can help you explore this rich city of Argentina. Once you are here, it will not be a good thought to miss out on Mercado del Norte, as it is a wonderful place to shop affordably. You can get numerous groceries made available at unimaginable prices. Get your best experience here.

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