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Best time to Visit Ushuaia

As the city is located in the Southern Hemisphere, the best time to book round-trip flights to Ushuaia is from December to March, when you have lots of sightseeing options, the weather is warm and fuzzy, and the flowers are blossoming in their mightiest glory. You can also travel in other parts of the year when you find cheap flights to Ushuaia and get rooms at good deals, but the possibility to visit many attractions of the city is reduced. And the best part of winter visit is you can indulge in winter sports and cruise to Antarctica. You can find further details on cheap airfares to Ushuaia as per the season on our website, Cheapfaremart.

Top Attractions in Ushuaia

Ushuaia is the largest city in the Argentine Tierra del Fuego which is located on the Beagle Strait. You can explore the southernmost city of Argentina by booking flights to Ushuaia from Cheapfaremart at a reasonable range of prices. We suggest you this comprehensive list of places you should make a point to visit.

1. End of the World Museum

This place has a wide collection of all the animal’s stuff, tools used to hunt them, the history and the evolution of these animals and so much more. This place has seabirds, penguins, ducks, flamingos and much more in the Birds of Fire room.

2. Presidio

This place has a history of being the military prison of Ushuaia, one of the reasons you should fly to Ushuaia to check out this place. A section of the prison has been donated to the art gallery which carries the collection of around 200 local artists which you can explore at an entry fee of 150pesos for students and 200 pesos for adults.

3. Martial Glacier

This is a famous ski spot and the top reason why you should start looking for flight deals to Ushuaia. The hike up this glacier shall give you the most mesmerizing view of Ushuaia and the Beagle Chanel. What wouldn’t a nature lover give up for this view?

4. Cruises to Antarctica

Ushuaia is the largest and the most used airport and harbor for the cruises and the flights to Antarctica. And it would be an understatement if one says that any other place can provide you this opportunity. Give yourself a chance to go to the most desired place of all in the entire world, and book cheap flights to Ushuaia and further.

Adventures in Ushuaia

Ushuaia is a major tourist town with the perfect sightseeing destinations, activities that give you an adrenaline rush.

1. Estancia Harberton Tours

These tours provide the perfect opportunity to take a glimpse into the history of the wildlife of the city and the progression of the human race in Argentina’s far-flung Tierra del Fuego. You can take a trip to the terraced garden, and take a walk on the garden of estancia Yecapasela Reserve.

2. Penguin Island Tours

You can spot the black and white penguins, king penguins if you are lucky and shyer gentoos from the shorelines itself. You can book the tickets from Ushuaia itself and continue till the estancia homestead where you can take a walk along with penguins if you are accompanied by the guides.

3. National Park Tours

The Tierra del Fuego National Park is one of the favorite destinations of the locals. You can take a bicycle and ride back to and from and explore the pathways and the park at the same time. You can even indulge in drinks at a small café for snacks and drinks midway.

4. Fuegian Andes Tours

You can start your winter hiking of the Fuegian Andes range from Ushuaia which marks the starting point of the spectrum. The best time for hiking is from December to Marchand if you are into skiing, the best season would be from late June until September.

Dining and Nightlife in Ushuaia

One of the reasons you should book flights to Ushuaia is the fantastic nightlife the place offers.

1. Casino Club Ushuaia

This casino also is known as the casino from the ‘End of the World’ or ‘El casino del Fin del Mundo’ is one of the most visited places in the city. From the décor which streaks of wood, elegant lightings, diverse carpeting and a spectacular view make this a place of interest? No wonders if you book flights to Ushuaia just for this place.

2. Bar Ideal

This bar now opened for more than 60 years, stands as the oldest bar in the city. This makes it not only a valued tourist attraction, but it sees a heavy rush from the locals who treat it as a piece of remembrance. This place has a long wine list and appetizers which you cannot just resist.

3. Milonga del Fin del Mundo

Are you fascinated by drinks? Do you love tango? Or do you love drunk dancing? This place has the best combination of drinks on its menu and along with it the best professional tango dancers on the dance floor. Wait, it gets better. You can also tune yourself to the music, and try few of the tango moves.

4. Almacen de Ramos Generales

This eclectic place which is a combination of a museum, a bar, a bakery and a boutique makes it a fusion and a place one of its kind. Whether you want to try some wine with food on its side or coffee with a slice of cake on its side, this place is perfect for both the situation.

Shopping in Ushuaia

Shopping is always the perfect way to get yourself a calm break in a wonderful way especially after your long journey flights to Ushuaia.

1. Quelhue Wine Shop

Give yourself a break from the humdrum of your lives and get yourself a bottle of wine from this place after visiting top attractions of Ushuaia. This shop is stacked from the bottom to top with the Argentina’s best red, white and sparkling bottles.

2. Paseo de losArtenos

Confirm the hours once before you hit the place and don’t forget to bring the cash in Argentinean pesos. This place boasts of beautiful handicrafts in jewelry, home decoration, clothing and souvenir stuff.

3. Boutique del Libro

This place has the most awesome collection of theme-based material indigenous to Patagonia and Argentina. You can also find a collection of classical literature, guidebooks, and pictorials in English.

4. Shops at Waterfront

You can see yourself almost all the items on the pedestrian street of the waterfront ranging from the famous pieces of an eatery, souvenir stuff, and other materials. You can also find winter gears like boots, coats, and other necessities from the coasts.

How to Reach Ushuaia

You can find direct flights from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia that shall take you three hours to reach, or you can also board your flights from Rio Gallegos which shall take you an hour to reach Ushuaia. From the airport, you can take taxis and cab to reach your hotel directly. Though you can take city buses, they take only to definite places in the city from where you need to look for personal car or taxis.

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