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The displayed fares for the round-trip flights to Xiányáng, China are based on historical data, non-warranted and subject to change at the time of booking. The costs of airline tickets to Xiányáng are inclusive of fuel surcharges, our service fee and taxes levied by airlines/airports/regulators.

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Xi’an Xiányáng International Airport (XIY) is the major airport that serves the city as well as the surrounding area within the Shaanxi Province. Cheapfaremart offers cheap air tickets to Xiányáng for:
1. Nonstop Flights to Xiányáng
Currently there are no non-stop flights to Xiányáng as the service was abandoned due to poor yield on December 9th 2017. Before this, the flights were scheduled on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from San Francisco.
2. Direct Flights to Xiányáng
Booking direct flights to Xiányáng has become very easy as there are a large number of flights from all the major cities in the US. These usually tend to be 14-20 hours long with 1-2 layovers along the way.

What is the Best Time to Visit Xiányáng?

Xiányáng has four distinct seasons: warm spring (March-May), hot summer (June-August), cool and rainy autumn (September-November) and dry winter (November-February). The best time to book your flight tickets to Xiányáng is the spring season. Xiányáng springs (temperature: 10-20oC or 50-68 oF) are full of warm sunny days and gentle breezes – perfect for some outdoor activities and local sightseeing. Another good time suitable for booking airline tickets to Xiányáng is the autumn season (temperature: 11-16oC or 51-60 oF) when the city comes alive with different fall colours. This is also the time when booking last minute flight to Xiányáng will turn out to be not-so-hard on your pocket.

What are the Top Places to Visit in Xiányáng?

1. Army of Terracotta Warriors
The Terracotta Army is not only one of Xiányáng’s most popular attractions, but is also a renowned archaeological find. This concealed life-size army of terracotta sculptures has silently guarding the soul of China’s first unifier for about two millennia.
2. Xianyang City Walls
Xiányáng is one of those cities of China where the impressive old city walls are still standing. Built in 1370 in the Ming dynasty period, these magnificent 12m-high walls are enclosed with a dry moat and form a rectangular shape with a perimeter of about 14km. Most of its sections have been restored or have been rebuilt, and is now open for public viewing.
3. Lewa Adventure
This is the first roller coaster theme park of China having 8 different kinds of roller coasters, including the “Flash Roller Coaster” which is the fastest and longest (1.3 km) in Asia. It also has 33 other rides and over 100 interactive performances and projects for visitors to have fun-filled time.
4. Xiányáng Museum
Situated in the pleasing premises of the Jiànfú Temple, this museum features relics excavated in Xiányáng over the years. Visitors can find some attractive ceramics belonging to the Han dynasty here, as well as some ancient figurines, a huge exhibition of the seals from the Ming-dynasty and some jade artefacts.

What are the Top Dining and Nightlife Options in Xiányáng?

1. La Seine Restaurant
It is Xiányáng’s premier French bistro, and is one of the most high-class restaurants in the city. Under the leadership of the renowned French chef Alan Pierre Roux, La Seine focusses in modern French gastronomy, along with some classics such as escargot in garlic and pumpkin soup served with Gruyere cheese.
Cost of dishes on menu: $25 in average
Customer rating* (Google): 4.1 based on 50 reviews
2. Xi’an Restaurant
A historical and legendary gem, Xi’an Restaurant is popular for the authentic Shaanxi cuisine that it has maintained and adhered to for about 90 years. Located in the Xi’an Hotel on the east side of the Bell Tower, the restaurant is a famous spot and is known for hosting celebrities and state leaders like Zhou Enlai and Kim Il-Sung.
Cost of dishes on menu: $7.95 and above
Customer rating* (Google): 3.8 based on 98 reviews
3. The Belgian Bar
In this bar you can find a large collection of draught as well as imported Belgian beers along with an exclusive choice of quality bar-food. It offers a relaxed and cozy atmosphere which is perfect for hanging out with friends who are looking for an informal place to chill.
Cost of dishes on menu: $23 and above
Customer rating* (Google): 4.5 based on 66 reviews
4. Near Wall Bar and Xi’an Brewery
This is the only brewpub in Xiányáng, and it brews many Western-style craft beers. Situated near the youth hostels and the popular “Food Street”, it has an energetic central vibe and warm, wooden interiors that are perfect for enjoying a pint while listening to some live music.
Cost of dishes on menu: $7 and above
Customer rating* (Google): 4.0/5.0 based on 30 reviews

What are the Top Shopping Options in Xiányáng?

1. Shu Yuan Men Street
Shu Yuan Men is an ancient street that is located behind the Steles Forest. A large variety of arts and crafts are sold in this crowded street throughout the year. This is a street where you can find hand crafted merchandise while learning about the awesome Chinese crafts. The market has a marvelous collection of oriental paintings that showcase local traditional styles.
2. Antique Market
Antique Market is a heaven for those who like to collect antiques. Here you can find everything from large furniture to small coins. First started in 1998, it is one of the biggest antique markets in this city. Hundreds of stores exhibit authentic pieces, especially the utensils that are mostly porcelain along with ceramic pots in various shapes.
3. Luomashi Street
Set up in 1983, Luomashi Clothing Street progressively developed into Xiányáng’s first professional clothing marketplace. It has been on record that clothing belonging to China’s latest fashion first arrive here. It is referred to as the paradise of fashion by the local people.
4. East Street
Xian Dong Da Jie (East Street) is said to be the main shopping street. Here, you will find all the kinds of trendy things: clothes, bags, shoes, souvenirs, perfumes, and a whole lot more. Apart from these you can also pick out some local specialties in the Xian Overseas Chinese Store.

What are the Top Hotels to Stay in Xiányáng?

1. PuSu Jade Boutique Hotel
Centrally located within Xi’an, PuSu Jade Boutique Hotel is situated just beside the Xi’an City Wall. It provides its patrons with cosy rooms with and free WiFi access throughout the property. Guests can enjoy local delicacies for breakfast at the property or can go to the Muslim Street nearby for some snacks.
Location: Shuncheng Alley
Distance from airport: 30 km by road
Guest rating ( 8.4
Rental* ( $60.95 (2 persons/night)
2. Grand Park Xi’an
Perfectly situated in the heart of the historic city of Xi’an, this gorgeous five star hotel is only a 5-minute stroll away from the Yongning Gate – the south side gate of the ancient city wall. The hotel is well equipped with a spa center, offers gourmet cuisine in its restaurants as well as free WiFi.
Location: Huancheng South Road
Distance from airport: 37.2 km by road
Guest rating* ( 8.4
Rental* ( $107 (2 persons/night)
3. Citadines Central Xi’an
Citadines Central Xi’an is a trendy four star hotel situated in the heart of the city, 10-minute away from the Muslim Street and Bell Drum Tower. It provides the customers with spacious rooms, free parking, fitness centre and free internet access.
Location: Zhubashi, Beilin District
Distance from airport: 36.2 km by road
Guest rating* ( 8.3
Rental* ( $170.79 (2 persons/night)
4. Sunshine Hotel Xiányáng
Set in Xincheng District, opposite to the Shaanxi People’s Government, the Aurum International Hotel provides well-appointed rooms along with free internet. It is situated very near to the City Wall, the Bell and Drum Tower and the Muslim Street. It also has an indoor pool where you can enjoy a nice swim.
Location: Nan Xin Street
Distance from airport: 36.4 km by road
Guest rating* ( 8.2
Rental* ( $67.11 (2 persons/night)

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