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 Azores Airlines Flight Booking

Azores Airlines Insights

  • Primary Airports: João Paulo II Airport, Lajes Airport
  • Head Quarters: Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal
  • Most Traveled Routes: Ponta Delgada to Lisbon, Terceira to Lisbon
  • Popular Destinations: Ponta Delgada, Lisbon, Terceira, Porto, Funchal, Boston

In-flight Experiences with Azores Airlines

  • Cabin Classes: Azores Airlines is one of the most affordable airlines, with six different fare classes to accommodate the requirements of its diverse passenger base. Azores Airlines flights offer a unique cabin class system. 

The Economy cabin classes come with two options:

1. The Economy Class 

  • Economy Simple: This cabin class is for you if you like to travel light and keep your luggage right beside you. Azores Airlines flights offer Economy Simple fares for passengers who like to travel with their luggage in their hand. 
  • Economy Basic: This cabin class is perfect for those traveling with extra baggage. If you wish to carry sports equipment or extra luggage, you must go with Economy Basic Class when making Azores Airlines reservations. 

2. The Comfort Class

  • Comfort Light: Comfort Light provides exorbitant treatment with wonderful inflight services. This class comes with fast-track servings, an extra baggage allowance, and a separate, cozy cabin. 
  • Comfort Plus: Experience luxury with Comfort Plus. This cabin class offers extra legroom and reclining chairs. In addition, enjoy premium dining services with your choice of beverage and wine. 

In addition to these cabin classifications, Azores Airlines also provides 6 different fare options: 

  • Economy Simple
  • Economy Basic
  • Economy Flex
  • Economy Top
  • Comfort Light
  • Comfort Plus

  • In-flight Entertainment Options: The Azores Airlines hosts a plethora of entertainment choices onboard, from classics to laughter-rolling comedy and recent fan favorites. There are numerous TV series, movies, and more in one place to keep you entertained on flight. You can easily stream all of this on your device with in-flight connectivity.
  • Connectivity: The effective Wi-Fi connectivity onboard allows you to keep in touch with the world and browse multiple apps. With high-speed inflight connectivity, you can read news, watch videos, and use social media apps like Instagram and Facebook. Easily connect to AirAzores_wifi on your device, launch and log into your new account, and then explore a number of options while flying.

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Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About Azores Airlines

  • Early Booking: Want to secure affordable Azores Airlines flights? Consider making your Azores Airlines flight booking 6-7 weeks before your travel date.
  • Flexible Dates of Travel: Remaining adjustable with your travel dates can help you come across attractive Azores Airline deals. Choosing mid-week or off-season flights can be a cost-effective alternative.
  • Modern Fleet: Azores Airlines prioritizes passenger comfort by offering contemporary amenities and a high-functioning, modern, and diverse fleet. Superior comfort with contemporary amenities is guaranteed while traveling with Azores Airlines, which boasts fleet aircraft like the Airbus A320, Airbus A321neo, and Bombardier Dash 8-Q400.
  • Range of Services: Azores Airlines offers multiple services to accommodate the varying preferences of its passengers. Personalized experiences are provided to passengers in both Comfort and Economy Classes. Azores Airlines dedicates itself to providing customer satisfaction by offering complimentary snacks and drinks and special services for travelers with particular needs.
  • Seat Selection: Passengers flying with Azores Airlines can conveniently choose their preferred seats during online check-in or at airport kiosks. The airline provides complimentary seat selection alternatives when passengers book flights. Due to limited availability, timely booking is advised to ensure a comfortable flight experience. 
  • Benefits of Membership: Azores Airlines provides discounted flights, exclusive privileges at various tiers, and access to exclusive perks for members of its SATA Imagine frequent flyer program. On every trip, you can earn miles with SATA Air Arcoes and Azores Airlines. The program improves the travel experience by offering members extra perks and exclusive offers.
  • Baggage Policies: Before making any reservations, familiarise yourself with Azores Airlines' baggage policies. You might be able to check your luggage for free if you follow these guidelines, albeit the amount of allowed checked baggage may vary.
  • Duty-Free Shopping: Explore the extensive array of products available in Azores Airlines' duty-free selection, encompassing travel essentials, spirits, cosmetics, and souvenirs. Convenient onboard browsing and online preordering for onward delivery are available to passengers. Every purchase you make in the loyalty program can accrue points toward future advantages and incentives.

Azores Airlines FAQs

Q1. What kind of meal is served on an Azores Airlines flight?

Azores Airlines offers complimentary snacks and beverages for flights under three hours and a three-course meal with dessert on flights over three hours. Kids' meals and special dietary meals can be pre-ordered.

Q2. What are the perks of Comfort Class? 

Flying Comfort Class allows you to enjoy priority check-in, lounge access, extra-baggage check-in, and prompt services, among other benefits. 

Q3. Do different Azores Airlines flights serve different meals? 

Azores Airlines flights flying to Portugal serve sandwiches and pastries, and flights to Europe and Africa serve a different menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with regional wines. 

Q4. What is the airline's baggage policy?

Azores Airlines allows for one baggage in the cabin per person, and check-in baggage weight varies across Cabin Classes. 

Q5. How is the Wi-Fi on the flight?

The airline provides 40 MB, 80 MB, and 150 MB as its three separate Wi-Fi options. Passengers can connect to the SATA Wi-Fi network, enable the Wi-Fi, and use the navigation. You can pay for the service online using a credit card or another payment method of your choice. 

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