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 Bangkok Airways Flight Booking

Bangkok Airways Airlines Insights

  • Primary Airports: Suvarnabhumi Airport
  • Headquarters: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Most Traveled Routes: Phuket City to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi
  • Popular Destinations: Phuket, Bangkok, Koh Samui

In-Flight Experience with Bangkok Airways Airlines

  • Business Class: There are wonderful benefits to enjoy with the Business Class service, which is also known as the Blue Ribbon Club. You can get spacious seats, wide in dimensions, allowing you enough leg space. You can do your work while traveling in the Business Class. With a boutique-like feel, fliers can experience the opulence of matchless services.  
  • Economy Class: Economy Class passengers can also travel in comfort, and there is no dearth of convenience or entertainment options. Moreover, you get to choose your preferred seat, thus ensuring optimum comfort while traveling. 
  • Delectable Food and Beverage: You can enjoy a wide variety of mouthwatering dishes in the Blue Ribbon Club cabins. These include Western Asian and Thai cuisines and complimentary champagne and wine. You can get a special meal facility in the Blue Ribbon Business Class cabins that considers your specific dietary preferences and needs. All kinds of meals are available on the flights, including low-calorie dishes, diabetic cuisines, and vegetarian dishes. You can go through FahThai, the in-flight magazine of the Bangkok Airways airline.
  • Connectivity: A top-notch Wi-Fi Internet service is available, and you can avail it free of cost.
  • Other Services: This airline offers a wide variety of services to its fliers, including the ability to travel with pets, mobility assistance (such as wheelchair services at no extra charge), special meal services to cater to the specific meal preferences of passengers, and more!

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Before You Take-Off, Here are Some Must-Know Things about Bangkok Airways Airlines 

  • Fleet: The fleet consists of 29 aircraft, and you can find this Asia’s Boutique Airline operating scheduled services to as many as 23 different destinations, including Laos, Hong Kong, China, Cambodia, and Thailand, to name a few.
  • Bangkok Airways Airlines’ Extensive Services: Bangkok Airways offers extensive services in terms of food, seat arrangements, and so on. The top-tier hospitality of this boutique airline ensures a personalized journey for all passengers. 
  • Preferred Seats: Passengers in Economy Class can book their preferred seat with an Extra Legroom or Forward Zone that is nearer to the doors, allowing faster exit from the Bangkok Airways flights upon landing. Seats can be booked through the airline's official website or by contacting its Call Center. Extra seats can also be reserved for a fee for personal comfort and to satisfy special seating requirements.
  • Membership Exclusives: The airline offers a frequent flier program for loyal customers, known as FlyerBonus, which helps them earn miles. This is a comprehensive loyalty program with wonderful rewards. Loyal members can get complimentary drinks on board and enjoy time in the airport lounges. The points awarded to fliers have a three-year validity.
  • Baggage Policies: In the Blue Ribbon Business Class, the maximum checked baggage weight allowance is 10 kilos for infants and 40 kilos for adults. In the Economy Class, the maximum checked baggage allowance is 10 kilos for infants and 20 kilos for adult passengers. Check the official website for complete and updated information about prepaid baggage weight allowance for domestic and international flights and the rates for the same. 
  • Duty-Free Shopping: The airline allows duty-free in-flight purchases from previous sectors on board for transferring or transiting fliers if the items are packed in sealed, transparent plastic bags with receipts attached. All products that are not allowed through security checkpoints are supposed to be disposed of due to limitations at the gate.

Bangkok Airways FAQs

Q1. Can I do an online check-in on Bangkok Airways?

You can definitely do a web check-in. The online check-in window begins 24 hours before the flight departure. If you are running late, please ensure you go for it at least 2 hours before the take-off. 

Q2. Are young travelers allowed on Bangkok Airways?

Everyone can travel on the flights, from newborns and toddlers to older kids. You should check the website for updated information as a parent or custodian.

Q3. Can I go for a seat upgrade?

Business class passengers can avail themselves of this seat upgrade option at a special price on the departure date itself. However, it will depend on seat availability. 

Q4. Can I purchase prepaid baggage on Bangkok Airways flights?

Yes, you can! Get in touch with the Call Centre at least four hours before the take-off, or you can go to the official website of Bangkok Airways and check the “Manage My Booking” section to buy prepaid baggage up to two hours before your flight's departure time. 

Q5. How can I make cheap Bangkok Airways flight booking?

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