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 Cayman Airways Flight Booking

Cayman Airways Insights

  • Primary Airports: Owen Roberts International Airport
  • Headquarters: George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
  • Most Traveled Routes: Grand Cayman Island - Miami
  • Popular Destinations: Tampa, Miami, Charlotte, Atlanta, Nassau, Toronto, Havana, Los Angeles, Boston

In-Flight Experience with Cayman Airways 

  • Business Class: Cayman Airways flights business class passengers can relax in the Sir Turtle lounge on Grand Cayman before they board. They can enjoy the comfort of wide and plush seats with a 38-inch pitch, a 6-inch recline, flexible headrests, and adequate stowage space. There’s ample legroom and a footrest to stretch and rest your feet. The hospitable flight crew makes sure that you have an enjoyable flight and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed. This includes a hot towel service, full meals, and complimentary drinks.
  • Economy: Passengers with Cayman Airways reservations for the Economy Class can relax in their comfortable seats and stretch out during the flight as they enjoy the stunning views of the landscape below. Passengers are served complimentary Seven Fathoms Rum Punch with typical Caymanian hospitality. They are also served sandwiches and other snacks.
  • Entertainment and Connectivity Services: Cayman Airways flights offer connectivity and entertainment to passengers in all classes through their Sir Turtle Entertainment service. By switching to flight mode on their devices, passengers can connect to the onboard Wi-Fi and select Sir Turtle Entertainment. 

The next step is opening the browser, connecting to the AirFi system, and choosing from dozens of TV shows, movies, music, and games. You can stay entertained for hours. This service is completely free for all passengers. 

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Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About Cayman Airways

  • Fleet: Cayman Airways operates a fleet of 8 aircraft, including 4 Boeing 737-8s (long-haul), 2 Saab 340B+s, and 2 Twin Otters. 
  • Routes: The airline flies nonstop to over 12 destinations in the USA, Barbados, Jamaica, Cuba, Honduras, and Panama. 
  • Web Check-In: Cayman Airways passengers can check in online from 24 hours up to two hours before the scheduled departure time and avoid standing in line at the airport for a more comfortable flying experience. 
  • Frequent Flier Program: The loyalty program of Cayman Airways is named Sir Turtle Rewards. Passengers can sign up for free and earn miles whenever they fly the airline. They can also become members of the Sir Turtle Club to avail of amazing travel deals and get VIP access to hotel lounges, priority in choosing airline seats, and coupons for complimentary drinks whenever they fly. The perks keep on increasing with an increased number of trips.
  • Cashless Transactions: The airline has shifted to a cashless policy since 2019 and only accepts card payments for all transactions like baggage fees, seat upgrades, and more at all its ticket counters and cargo facilities. Passengers unable to pay by card must visit the airline office in the Cayman Islands and prepay for their purchases by cash before departure.
  • Unaccompanied Minors: A child aged 5 to 14 flying alone is treated as an unaccompanied minor and assisted by the crew. Children younger than five are not accepted as unaccompanied minors. The airline must be informed of this at the time of booking the ticket. Unaccompanied minors to Havana must carry a notarized letter. Charges of unaccompanied minor service depend on the route and cabin class.
  • Baggage Allowance: Business Class passengers can check in 3 bags of 55 lbs for free, while Economy passengers can check in 2 bags of 55 lbs each by paying USD 25 per bag. One carry-on luggage is allowed. Infants can have a bassinet/car seat, a collapsible stroller, and a diaper bag.
  • Sporting Equipment: Fishing equipment, golfing gear, bicycles, and surfboards are accepted as checked-in baggage, provided they adhere to the regulations of the airline. Check the site for further details.

Cayman Airways FAQs

Q1. Can I upgrade my ticket to Business class?

You can purchase the upgrade at the airport counter at check-in, subject to availability. 

Q2. How can I get the cheapest tickets on Cayman Airways?

Trust Cheapfaremart to get you the best deals! You can also try:

  • Being flexible with travel dates – alternate dates could have cheaper flights
  • Take red-eye flights
  • Plan your holiday and book tickets a couple of weeks in advance to secure lower prices

Q3. What are the extra benefits of Premium Economy Class?

Premium Economy passengers are served complimentary meals, blankets, extra-wide pillows, travel kits, welcome gifts, and headsets. They are also entitled to dedicated check-in and boarding and can have baggage tagged for priority handling.

Q4. Does the Cayman Airways serve alcohol?

Yes. All passengers are served complimentary rum punch. In addition, they can purchase wine, beer, champagne, rum, vodka, etc.

Q5. Can my pets travel with me?

Cayman Airways accepts dogs, cats, caged birds, guinea pigs, and hamsters for carriage in the hold. Pets must be in their crates at all times. There’s a limit on the number of pets per flight, so make sure you book early.

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