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 Croatia Airlines Flight Booking

Croatia Airlines Insights

In-Flight Experience with Croatia Airlines

  • Business Class: Easy-to-recline seats with ample pitch ensure your journey is comfortable and enjoyable. You can enjoy priority check-in, lounge access, and extra baggage allowance, among other benefits. Depending on the flight’s duration, Croatia Airlines offers a variety of scrumptious snacks like garlic sausage, crackers and cheese, gingerbread cookies, and poppy seed rolls. You can also choose from refreshing teas, coffees, juices, and wines.  
  • Economy Class: Relax in cozy and practical seats while relishing fresh cheese with crispy crackers. Stay hydrated with fresh and safe drinking water. You can also pick tasty meals and snacks from the carrier’s in-flight shopping partner’s catalog. 
  • Shopping: The Sky Shop facility from Uje is available on most Croatia Airlines flights, allowing you to grab exciting deals on premium watches, games, books, and collectibles. You can even send an email mentioning your date of travel, name, flight number, and other details to pre-order products. 
  • Entertainment: All aircraft feature cutting-edge video systems where you can enjoy films made on Croatia’s gorgeous islands, parks, coasts, wildlife, and endangered species. The films entertain as well as promote ecological consciousness. The in-flight magazine CROATIA covers intriguing historical and cultural topics with visually enticing stories.  
  • Services for Kids: When you make Croatia Airlines reservations with children in tow, rest assured that the little ones will be thoroughly engaged throughout the journey. Based on the popular animation character Supi, coloring books, interactive games, puzzles, and animated movies are available onboard. 

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Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About Croatia Airlines

  • Fare Families: Croatia Airlines offers different fare categories on both domestic and international flights, namely FlyEasy, FlyOpti, FlyFlexi, FlyBWise, and FlyBizz. The charges for a booking change and seat reservation vary across these categories, as well as baggage allowance and meals. Discounts for children, infants, young people, and senior citizens are also dependent on the category, and the website covers all details. 
  • Baggage: Before packing for Croatia Airlines flights, peruse the website to familiarize yourself with the free allowances for hand and checked luggage. You will find information on fees for extra bags, too. If you intend to carry sports, musical, or any other special equipment, check the guidelines for the same. The website also tells you what steps to follow in case of baggage delays, loss, or damage. Go through the list of forbidden items, too.  
  • Special Assistance: Croatia Airlines offers special aid to unaccompanied minors, expecting women, families with kids, passengers with disabilities and mobility issues, as well as those flying with pets. However, remember to check the regulations, documentation requirements, eligibility criteria, and so on before buying tickets. 
  • Booking Management: It is easy to book tickets, check flight status, change reservations, and personalize your trip through the carrier’s website. You can select seats with extra legroom, upgrade to Business Class, pay for extra baggage in advance, rent cars, book hotels, and more. 
  • Miles & More: Frequent fliers can earn miles while flying with Croatia Airlines and other Star Alliance members. You can also get points when you use Miles & More credit cards, stay in partner hotels, or rent cars from partner companies. Use these miles to book subsequent trips, pay for extra luggage, upgrade your cabin class, and make purchases from the World Shop.   
  • FlyOnline Club: You become a FlyOnline Club member for free after successfully processing the payment for Croatia Airlines reservations, even if it involves just one ticket. You receive an award ticket on one of the flights by the carrier after completing five reservations and credit card payments successfully since 1 January 2021.  

Croatia Airlines FAQs

Q1. What is the cost of transporting pets in the cabins of Croatia Airlines flights?

On domestic flights, it costs 20 EUR plus 25% VAT. On international flights within Europe, the price is 50 EUR; outside Europe, it is 70 EUR.  

Q2. When can I check in online after booking tickets with Croatia Airlines?

Online check-in is made available 36 hours before departure time and can be availed up to 60 minutes before the flight takes off. 

Q3. Does Croatia Airlines provide special meals for diabetics?

Yes, diabetic meals can be requested at least 24 hours before departure if you are flying Business Class. These non-fatty meals are rich in veggies and fruits and light on carbohydrates.  

Q4. Are there any discounts on international Croatia Airlines flight bookings for children?

There is a 90% discount for babies under 2 years and a 33% discount for kids between 2 and 12 years. 

Q5. Can anyone book exit row seats with Croatia Airlines?

Expecting women, children under 15 years and those traveling with them, passengers with mental disabilities or reduced mobility, elderly or ailing fliers, and those using extension belts cannot book exit row seats. 

Q6. Can I bring my own alcohol to drink on Croatia Airlines flights?

No, it is not allowed. You can, however, place an order from the in-flight shopping catalog. 

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