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 Hawaiian Airlines Flight Booking

Hawaiian Airlines Insights

  • Primary Airports: Honolulu International Airport
  • Headquarters: Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Most Traveled Routes: Los Angeles - Honolulu
  • Popular Destinations: Kahului, Honolulu, Los Angeles

In-Flight Experience with Hawaiian Airlines

  • Premium Cabin: Hawaiian Airlines' Premium Cabin fliers get wrapped in comfort and luxury. You can't ask for more with the uber-chic, island-style cabin design, higher dose of relaxation, and matchless Hawaiian hospitality! 
  • In-Flight Entertainment:  Entertainment is in full swing when you board Hawaiian Airlines flights. You can easily keep boredom away from audio programs and engaging videos to featured movies and magazines. Fliers can enjoy in-flight entertainment on their personal devices; there is something for all, including kids. Hana Hou! is one of the popular magazines that passengers love reading and keep returning for more. Island harmonies can take the music lovers to another world while they relax onboard.
  • Food and Drinks: Hawaiian Airlines' menu has all the yummy dishes that will make you crave more. From coffee to beer to amazing cocktails, sip as you wish! There are professional wine and spirit selectors as well as a group of talented chefs who make your in-flight culinary experience memorable. The island-inspired cuisines have everything from romaine salad and the popular five-spice chicken to the gooey guava cheesecake, and the list goes on. 
  • Authentic and Top-Tier Hawaiian Hospitality: Hawaiian Airlines has received commendable appreciation for its amazing onboard service, scoring high on friendliness and professionalism. From being hailed as the best airline in the US to offering the best food and top-tier customer service, Hawaiian Airlines is a name to reckon with. 

Furthermore, Hawaiian Airlines aircraft have never failed to maintain time and punctuality for sixteen years in a row, as stated by the US Department of Transportation. 

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Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About Hawaiian Airlines

  • Fleet: Whether it is the Airbus A330 helping you cruise through the Pacific, the Airbus A321neo offering fuel efficiency and optimum comfort, or the Boeing B717 making your journeys from island to island awesome, Hawaiian Airlines has a versatile fleet. The uber-cool and tech-powered Boeing 787 is all set to make a grand start in 2024, redefining technology, luxury, and comfort for the fliers. 
  • Preferred Seats: Each passenger is unique for Hawaiian Airlines, and to uplift the experience of the fliers, there are loads of Main Cabin seat types that you can choose based on your budget and travel needs. To make the flying experience personalized, there is also room for upgrading your flight seat by choosing an extra comfortable seat to indulge in renewed relaxation. 
  • Hawaiian Airlines Extensive services: Passengers enjoy premium airport services. This privately hosted experience is memorable, emphasizing comfort and convenience at every step of the journey through the Honolulu hometown airport.

The fliers can book with extra confidence as this airline company understands the sudden change in its customers' plans and has done away with the ‘change fees’ for main cabin fares on any operating route. So, effortless travel is a reality with Hawaiian Airlines flight booking. 

  • Membership Exclusives: The loyal fliers are entitled to enjoy the perks of HawaiianMiles frequent flyer program, where they can grab exciting travel deals. Hawaiian Airlines MasterCard holders can earn miles, accumulate those only to redeem later for enjoying various flight-related perks, and make great savings. 
  • Baggage Policy: It is always a smart move to read about the baggage allowance policy offered on Hawaiian Airlines' official website. Get conversant with baggage's weight and size calculation, the exemptions offered, and more. 
  • Duty-Free Shopping: Whether you are in the mood to pamper yourself, buy gifts, or get hold of some essentials, there is scope for shopping. Explore the Pau Hana Cart, which is available on domestic flights, and find it in the galley on many international flights. It's a common stop for passengers to pause, check, and buy!

Hawaiian Airlines FAQs

Q1. Can I avail myself of the upgrade facility on Hawaiian Airlines flights?

It depends on the route and flight you take. To enjoy the uber-luxe facilities of this airline's Premium Cabin, you have to go for the Bid Up Program. You can connect with the help desk for any help.

Q2. What are the possible check-in options for Hawaiian Airlines?

Well, to make your travel experience less clumsy and to enable you to save time and energy, Hawaiian Airlines offers multiple options. You can go for mobile check-in through the Hawaiian Airlines app, make use of self-service kiosks at the airport, or opt for the less time-consuming web check-in.

Q3. Can I travel with my pet?

Yes, you can! Special assistance services are offered to passengers who want to fly with their pets. Just get in touch with the customer care officials of Hawaiian Airlines for accurate information. 

Q4. Does HawaiianMiles come with any expiry date?

No! To pamper passengers to the core, Hawaiian Airlines ensures that the miles you earn with frequent flying never expire! Yes, you read that right! So travel more and save more as you wish. 

Q5. Where can I get the cheapest Hawaiian Airlines tickets?

Check out Cheapfaremart, your go-to flight booking partner. We offer you a host of exciting flight deals and coupons to let you save when you choose to fly with Hawaiian Airlines. 

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