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 TAP Air Portugal Flight Booking

TAP Air Portugal Airlines Insights

  • Primary Airports - Lisbon Portela Airport
  • Headquarters - Lisbon, Portugal
  • Most Traveled Routes - Lisbon - Newark
  • Popular Destinations - Boston, Newark, Lisbon

In-Flight Experience with TAP Air Portugal Airlines

TAP Air Portugal takes pride in offering a revamped in-flight experience through its fleet renewal program, ensuring passengers enjoy enhanced comfort and a touch of Portuguese gastronomy.

Cabins Onboard 

  • As part of its fleet renewal program, TAP Air Portugal has upgraded its interior cabins to provide a superior in-flight experience. 
  • The new TAP Executive cabin boasts fully lie-flat seats, offering unparalleled comfort during long-haul journeys. 
  • The introduction of a fresh Economy Plus cabin, featuring extra legroom and a sleek Economy cabin with luxurious leather seats, further elevates the overall flying experience.

Food Menu on TAP Air Portugal Airlines

  • TAP Air Portugal strongly emphasizes showcasing Portuguese products, flavors, and traditions through its gastronomic offerings. The new Executive class menus are meticulously curated to highlight the richness of Portuguese cuisine.
  • Passengers traveling on long-haul flights from North American gateways to Lisbon and Porto can savor delectable dinner and breakfast options, providing a culinary journey reflective of the airline's cultural identity and reinforcing TAP's commitment to promoting national products. 

Executive Class Comfort

  • The Executive Class on TAP Air Portugal ensures a restful journey with lie-flat seats that seamlessly transform into real beds. 
  • Passengers enjoy the luxury of hypoallergenic pillows, twice the size of competitors, covered with a soft-touch material exclusively designed for the airline. 
  • Large soft quilts, noise-reduction headphones with cutting-edge audio technology, laptop charging sockets, and eco-friendly amenity kits contribute to unparalleled comfort.

Economy Comfort 

  • TAP Air Portugal prioritizes passenger comfort in Economy with a 34-inch pitch between seats in Economy Plus and a 31-inch pitch in Economy Class. 
  • Individual on-demand entertainment systems keep travelers engaged, while complimentary pillows and blankets enhance the overall experience.


For entertainment, TAP Air Portugal offers a fully interactive on-demand audio and video system, providing passengers with diverse choices:

  • Over 20 movies and 20 hours of series and documentaries.
  • Daily world-news updates
  • 10 video game channels 
  • Stream over 900 songs, or skip through 12 TAP Radio channels to find your favorite one
  • Onboard Wi-Fi 
  • Passengers can also stay informed with newspapers and magazines available on board.

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Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About TAP Air Portugal Airlines

Fleet - As of September 2023, TAP Air Portugal manages a fleet entirely composed of Airbus aircraft, which includes Airbus A319-100, Airbus A330-200, Airbus A330-900, Airbus A321-200, Airbus A321LR, Airbus A320-200, Airbus A320neo, and Airbus A321neo.

TAP Air Portugal Miles & Go Loyalty Program - Miles & Go rewards members with miles not only through the airline itself but also from Star Alliance and other select partners. The frequent-flier program offers a seamless three-tier structure:

  • Basic Tier: Comes with no specific mileage requirements. Upon joining, you get the first 200 miles for free.
  • TAP Miles & Go Silver (Star Alliance Silver): To achieve this status, members must accumulate 30,000 Status Miles or complete 25 segments within a year.
  • TAP Miles & Go Gold (Star Alliance Gold): For the pinnacle tier, members must amass 70,000 Status Miles or undertake 50 segments within a one-year period.

Boarding Options - TAP Air Portugal provides streamlined boarding areas at their operating airports, ensuring a faster and more comfortable experience for all travelers. There are 2 types of boarding options:

1. Premium Boarding grants access to a dedicated priority boarding area. This is available for top executives and TAP Miles & Go gold and silver status passengers.

2. Preferred Boarding allows you to board early, access the Premium zone, and provide extra time to settle in and stow your hand baggage.

TAP Air Portugal FAQs

Q.1. How does the boarding process work at TAP Air Portugal?

The boarding process at TAP Air Portugal begins with families with small children and passengers with special needs, followed by Premium Boarding clients. 

Q2. Can I add a Preferential Boarding service after booking my Economy Class flight?

Passengers can add Preferential Boarding to their TAP Air Portugal flight booking. To utilize this service, ensure you reach the boarding gate before the official boarding process begins.

Q3. What entertainment options are available on TAP Air Portugal flights?

TAP Air Portugal offers a fully interactive on-demand entertainment system with numerous movies, 20 hours of series and documentaries, daily world news, video game channels, and more. Each seat in Economy Class features an individual on-demand entertainment system.

Q4. Is there onboard Wi-Fi available on TAP Air Portugal flights?

Yes, TAP Air Portugal provides onboard Wi-Fi for passengers to stay connected during their flights. Details regarding Wi-Fi availability, coverage, and pricing can be obtained on board.

Q5. Can I earn miles on partner airlines with TAP Air Portugal's Miles & Go program?

Yes, Miles & Go members can earn miles with TAP Air Portugal and partner airlines in the Star Alliance network and other eligible partners. This enhances the opportunity to accumulate miles and enjoy various benefits.

Q6. What is the Comfort-Executive Class experience like on TAP Air Portugal?

TAP Air Portugal's Executive Class offers lie-flat seats, comfortable pillows, noise-reduction headphones, laptop charging sockets, and eco-friendly amenity kits. 

Q7. How is the Economy Class experience enhanced on TAP Air Portugal flights?

TAP Air Portugal's Economy Class provides a 34-inch pitch in Economy Plus and a 31-inch pitch in Economy Class. Passengers benefit from an individual on-demand entertainment system, complimentary pillows, and blankets.

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