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Cheapfaremart helps you to book cheap flights to Beijing with the world’s popular air carriers. Beijing propels itself into the future with its highly contemporary architecture. This city has become the epitome of infrastructural affluence. Ironically, you will discover Beijing to be firmly bonded with its history as well when you walk the six UNESCO World Heritage Sites right within the perimeter of this city! With just an air ticket to Beijing, this educational, tourist-y, foodie, future-centric business hub of a city opens up for exploration. Whether you are planning in advance, or looking for a last-minute flight to Beijing, we can help you with as follows:

1. Nonstop Flights to Beijing

Getting non-stop flight tickets to Beijing is possible from major flying hubs like San Francisco, Chicago, Newark, Washington and Honolulu in the US. Flight duration ranges from 12 to 14 hours at the fastest. Average price for one-way flights ranges from $500-700.

2. Direct Flights to Beijing

You can book direct flights to Beijing from San Francisco (SFO), New York (EWR), Los Angeles (LAX) and Washington (IAD). The journey time is between 16 to 19 hours. You can buy tickets starting from $450.

What are the Top Airports in Beijing?

All your airline tickets to Beijing will take you either to Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) or to Beijing Nanyuan Airport (NAY) – these two airports serve as the primary and secondary aviation service providers, respectively, to the city. The Nanyuan Airport primarily functions as a military airbase with passenger service as its secondary function.

What is the Best Time to Visit Beijing?

The best time to book cheap flights to Beijing, China comes twice each year – from March to May, and from September to October. The temperature range during these two periods remains within the comfortable zone: 50 to 70 °F (10 to 21 °C). Summertime is swelteringly hot, making June through August highly uncomfortable for walking tours and outdoor explorations in the city. During your spring visit to Beijing, make sure to attend the Qingming Festival in early April; it is the day the Chinese visit their ancestral tombs and clean them. It has been in celebration for 2,500 years!

Top Things to Do in Beijing

What are the Top Places to Visit in Beijing?

1. Forbidden City

Visit China’s largest collection of historical buildings in a single, sprawling complex, encompassed by citadel walls painted scarlet, running almost 4 km in circumference. Situated right in the middle of Beijing, this palatial complex was the abode of two great Chinese dynasties in the course of history – the Ming and the Qing.

2. The Great Wall

What is a visit to Beijing without stepping foot on this centuries-old jewel of ancient engineering? Contrary to the common belief, the Wall is not continuous – rather, reinforced with natural, topographical defense systems (like vertiginous mountains) in opportune areas. You can access the Wall via numerous provinces in Northern China; Beijing happens to be popular.

3. Summer Palace

Built as a summer-getaway for the emperors wishing to escape the stifling heat of the mainland, Summer Palace offers soothing, cool, breezy hilltop views from inside an intricately designed dwelling fit for kings. The huge Kunming Lake offers for a good rest-stop for your day-long excursion of this palace.

4. Tiananmen Square

The largest public square in the world at 440,000 m2, this area is enclosed by low fences and surrounded by Russian-style buildings from the 1950s. If you get ambitious, visit the square during sunrise to see perfection in the march of People’s Liberation Army – 108 paces per minute, and 75cm per pace!

What are the Top Restaurants to Eat in Beijing?

1. Zhang Mama

If you wish to taste Sichuan cuisine at the best prices Beijing can offer, Zhang Mama is the place. This popular restaurant caters to heavy inflow of patrons, so expect there to be some waiting time. Try the popular Mala Xiangguo, a spicy concoction with either poultry or seafood.

2. Taste of Dadong

Visit this casual eatery run by Dong Zhenxiang – the duck master of China – to get the best taste of Beijing’s signature Peking duck. Dadong Roast is a sister-chain of this restaurant, which is equally packed-and-popular among duck-lovers. The best part is that both these places are surprisingly affordable for the quality they serve.

3. Temple Restaurant Beijing

Wishing for a meal with a view? TRB sits within the Forbidden City and offers views of the moat and the eastern gate, making your meal more enjoyable. You will find a European menu infused with French influences here and there. Enjoy royal service standards as you dine in the imperial premises.

4. Lost Heaven

Much like the popular Shanghai restaurant, Lost Heaven Beijing branch serves food with equal standards in taste. Try its folk Yunnan cuisine with its mild-but-discernible spiciness, an eclectic combination of ingredients and variety of tastes. The potent cocktails served here are brewed for the Gods – they are that good.

What are the Top Shopping Options in Beijing?

1. Panjiayuan Market

You can’t miss this market when you visit Beijing. Find here the widest collection of Chinese arts, crafts and antiques. This market is the best place to shop for souvenirs. Shop for all sorts of quirky items – Buddha heads, calligraphy and cigarette ads among other curios.

2. Wangfujing Shopping Street

This is one of the oldest shopping streets in Beijing, which has now been pedestrianized. You’ll find a wide range of items here, mid-range brands, malls, cafes and eateries and such. It is a happening place where you can stay all day long, shop, eat and hang out.

3. The Place

Visit The Place to see the future of shopping experiences. The Place jumps out of the norms with its ceiling-mounted LED screen where you can see a variety of information. Shop top brands, enjoy local and regional cuisine in luxury restaurants and get the true futuristic-Beijing experience here.

4. Slow Lane

Not quite a widely known shop down the Shijia Hutong, this place sells high quality handmade tea ware and sets that make perfect souvenirs. You can also find traditional Chinese tea (great quality) and pretty items of clothing nestled in its shelves.

What are the Top Hotels to Stay in Beijing?

1. The Peninsula Beijing

Stay in this hotel for all the jazz of hospitality and luxury combined in a wholesome package. This all-suite premium property is bound to tickle your joy with its palatial rooms, walk-in closets and bathrooms you can run around in. The staff is disciplined and hospitable; the rooftop offers view of Forbidden City.

2. Rosewood Beijing

Surprising luxury in itself, this hotel boasts “upscale” with custom tailored uniform for its entire staff. Rosewood Beijing was constructed with every little detail carefully examined, giving it a luxuriant air, a subtly dazzling design and charm. The food is another story with Country Kitchen’s Chinese, Red Bowl’s hot pot and more.

3. Hotel Jen

This is your best bet for a five-star experience at four-star prices. The razzmatazz of facilities and amenities do justice to mid-range luxury experience. Book a room on one of the 22-floors of the Jen skyscraper in Beijing CBD and peer down at the city down below.

4. Lama Temple Courtyard Hotel

For those on a budget, book a room in this personality courtyard hotel with functional rooms, a hospitable, helpful staff that manages English and proximity to the subway and major Beijing streets. The hotel also has a bar-restaurant serving Chinese and craft beers.

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Beijing is a city with one foot in the future and one in the past…which is precisely why you should be there. When holiday calls, you book your airline tickets to Beijing, and go!