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 China Airlines Flight Booking

China Airlines Insights

  • Main Airports: Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Kaohsiung International Airport
  • Head Quarters: Taoyuan City, Taiwan
  • Popular Routes: Taipei to Tokyo, Taipei to Hong Kong, Taipei to Bangkok 
  • Popular Destinations: Taipei, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Seoul, Manila, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Osaka

In-Flight Experiences with China Airlines

  • Economy Class: The Economy Cabin on China Airlines all come with thin backrests with comfortable cushioning and adjustable headrests with a calming combination of colors representing the fusion of urban and modern amenities. The seats have a large TV screen with USB ports. Also, there are literature pockets on the back of the seats so that one can keep their books and magazines. You can enjoy a great selection of food offerings like fish, chicken, rice, and more. 
  • Premium Economy: The oriental aesthetics meet the modern trend here in China Airlines Premium Economy Class. There are dedicated cabin seats with adjustable backs, extra legroom to stretch on a long journey, and thick cushioning for added comfort. The seats are multifunctional and can hold your glasses and cutlery for you. 

Also, an entertainment screen and storage space are available, both with the chair and the back of the seats. Enjoy pre-departure drinks, printed menus, and larger entrees. Indulge in main meals, offering two hot options alongside a salad, fruit, and dessert. 

  • Premium Business Class: The Premium Business Class provides opulent services with wood furnishings. The oriental aesthetics provide fully reclining chairs with ample cabin room with a cocktail table, table lamp, additional storage space, and adding to some luxury furniture to read or relax. In addition to this, you can enjoy a luxurious lounge access with exquisite amenities. Savor steamed chicken and rice in lotus leaf and relish pre-ordered exclusive Le Palais creations. 
  • Entertainment Options: The high-definition screens host plenty of entertainment options to choose from while flying. Blockbuster movies, fan-favorite sitcoms, music, and more are available on touchscreen entertainment systems. In addition to this, games and reading material with Dynasty Sky Reading are also available. 
  • Connectivity: China Airlines has the Fantasy Sky Portable Wireless System that provides superfast onboard Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can browse and use social media to stay connected with the world below. You can easily remain connected to your devices using the Wi-fi and enjoy personalized entertainment on your devices. 

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Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About China Airlines

  • Modern and Diverse Fleet: China Airlines boasts of its cutting-edge fleet, ensuring passengers the highest level of comfort and cutting-edge facilities. Travel in style on renowned aircraft, including the Boeing 777, Airbus A350, and Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
  • Numerous Services: China Airlines is an outstanding airline that provides a wide range of services designed to satisfy the needs of different types of passengers. Every passenger on the airline has a customized travel experience, from plush first-class amenities to cozy economy-class travel. China Airlines offers free food, drinks, and added services for people with special needs. 
  • Choice of Seat: On China Airlines flights, you can select your desired seat at airport kiosks, on mobile devices, or during online check-in. There is enough legroom in the seats, which makes for a comfortable ride. Early selection is advised due to limited availability to obtain desired seats.
  • Benefits of Membership: China Airlines offers a loyalty program named the Dynasty Flyer, which grants regular travelers access to the lowest prices, special rights, and unique advantages across tiers. Enjoy special China Airlines deals along with premium lounge access. 
  • Baggage Policies: Before booking your China Airlines flights, familiarize yourself with China Airlines' luggage policies to ensure compliance with the rules. Savor the convenience of complimentary checked baggage, the amount of which is contingent upon the route, level of loyalty, type of ticket, and date of purchase.
  • Duty-Free Shopping: On China Airlines, take advantage of a wide range of duty-free products, including travel necessities, alcoholic beverages, makeup, and souvenirs. Choose easy onboard shopping or place an order in advance for in-flight delivery to earn reward points, such as Dynasty Flyer miles, on every transaction.

China Airlines FAQs

Q1. What are the dining options available on China Airlines flights?

China Airlines serves gourmet meals prepared by Michelin-starred chefs. It offers Le Palais cuisine, Japanese delicacies, and Le Ruban, among others. The airline also offers vegetarian, religious, baby food, kosher, and nurturing meals. 

Q2. What's the baggage allowance for China Airlines?

Baggage allowance varies based on the travel class and route. Generally, Economy Class passengers are allowed one or two pieces of checked baggage, each not exceeding certain dimensions and weight limits. Please refer to the China Airlines website or your ticket details for specific information.

Q3. How can I check in for my China Airlines flights?

China Airlines offers various check-in options, including online check-in via their website or mobile app, airport kiosk check-in, and counter check-in at the airport. Online check-in typically opens 48 hours before departure.

Q4. Can I pre-select my China Airlines seat?

Yes. While making your China Airlines reservations, you can easily select your seat beforehand. 

Q5. Does China Airlines provide any program for Corporate travelers?

The Dynasty Flyer program also caters to corporate travel and provides various perks and credits with each travel. The points can be redeemed for cabin upgrades, reward tickets, access to the airport VIP club, savings on duty-free items when flying, luggage handling, boarding, or other corporate courtesy services.

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