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The displayed fares for the round-trip flights to Tokyo, Japan are based on historical data, non-warranted and subject to change at the time of booking. The costs of airline tickets to Tokyo are inclusive of fuel surcharges, our service fee and taxes levied by airlines/airports/regulators.

You may find airfares for round-trip flights to Tokyo from a select number of popular locations/airports in the US below. Please note that these fares are based on historical fare trends related to flights to Tokyo, Japan and are subject to change at any time. We at Cheapfaremart make no guarantees as to the stability and availability of these specific Tokyo flight deals

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Compare one-way or round-trip Tokyo airfare deals available with popular airlines and book your low-cost flight tickets to Tokyo, TYO online. Whether you are an individual, family or a corporate, save big on air tickets to Tokyo under Economy, Business or First class. To know about group flight booking benefits, call us now. Our team is ready to assist you to book cheap flights to Tokyo.

Tokyo is served by two airports – the Haneda Airport (HND) and the Narita International Airport (NRT). Cheapfaremart helps you find top Tokyo flight deals in nonstop as well as direct flight categories.

What is the Best Time to Visit Tokyo?

For the best outdoor experience, book your cheap flights to Tokyo during Fall (September to November) or Spring (March to May). The temperature in the fall and spring seasons remains between 49 and 81 °F (9-27 °C) and 41 and 73 °F (5-23 °C) respectively. Both the seasons offer vistas swathed in different color themes (orange in Fall and pink in Spring), making these seasons popular with the tourists. Frigid winters generally keep tourists away. Keep an eye out for deals on last-minute flights to Tokyo to make your vacation even more satisfying.

What are the Top Places to Visit in Tokyo?

1. Senso-ji

Visit Senso-ji for the ultimate dose of Japanese grandness in temples and worship. This is the most-visited temple in Tokyo, dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy. Notice the beautiful sculptures of various gods, goddesses and mythical creatures adorning the temple gateway. The temple stands since the mid-16th century and is a rare piece of genuine Edo architecture.

2. Tokyo Disneyland

This Disney-themed amusement park in Tokyo is the first such park outside of the USA. Opened in 1983, Tokyo Disneyland consists of seven themed areas – World Bazaar, Adventureland, Westernland, Critter Country, Fantasyland, Toontown and Tomorrowland. You can reach the park either by boarding the Disney Monorail or taking a few minutes’ walk from Maihama Station.

3. Meiji-jingu

Dedicated to Emperor, Meiji and Empress Shoken, this secluded shrine, located in a densely wooded grove, is Tokyo’s grandest tribute to Shintoism. It is known to have survived numerous air-raids. Notice its traditional construction in cypress wood and finishing with copper-plating on the roof. You’ll also find exciting charms and prayers in adjoining stalls.

4. Tokyo National Museum

This museum deserves an entire day of exploration, because there is so much to see here it will blow your mind. The place overflows with all sorts of Japanese arts, crafts, historical artefacts and collectibles, traditional dresses and fabrics, treasures and other items of national importance. You’ll even find Samurai swords and armor here!

What are the Top Dining and Nightlife Options in Tokyo?

1. Butagumi

Butagumi is a Japanese cutlet heaven. Chefs here serve up a storm with deliciously cooked meats encrusted with crispy, tasty, flavorful bread. Enjoy the distinct-but-subtle flavors of mirin, soy sauce and sake in the deep-fried cutlets stuffed with poultry, pork or seafood and accompanied with heaps of fresh, sliced cabbage (or kimchi) on the side.

Cost of dishes on the menu: $13-$35

Customer Rating: 4.4 stars based on 339 reviews on Google*

2. Sushi Saito

A visit to Japan would be incomplete without trying out sushi? Visit this three-Michelin star restaurant to get the authentic sushi experience, right from the hands of Takashi Saito, the highly celebrated and acclaimed sushi master of Japan. His restaurant also features an intimate, nine-seat counter where you can watch him work. Book in advance to get a table.

Cost of dishes on menu: $150+

Customer Rating: 4.5 stars based on 104 reviews on Google*

3. Gen Yamamoto

Experience the consciousness-transcending tastes and potency of the celebrated cocktail master, Gen Yamamoto, in his in this cozy salon of his namesake. Taste native Japanese alcohols and intoxicants in the masterfully paired flavors in his cocktails. You can also order delicious bites on the side with so much to get drunk on!

Cost of cocktails on the menu: $35-53

Customer Rating: 4.6 stars based on 113 Google reviews*

4. Tapas Molecular Bar

Enjoy the best of molecular cuisine at the cutting edge of culinary innovation, right here in the heart of Tokyo. Watch the talented chefs at this Michelin star restaurant prepare a huge array of bite-sized delicacies for you to enjoy, right in front of your eyes.

Cost of cocktails on the menu: $120-160

Customer Rating: 4.7 stars based on 93 Google reviews*

What are the Top Shopping Options in Tokyo?

1. Akihabara

strong>Akihabara is known across the globe to be Japan’s biggest electronics market. Additionally, this area also runs a parallel underground market of geek-goods – gaming and anime props, mangas (Japanese comics) and much more; in fact, Akihabara is almost infamous for its thriving geek culture and market.

2. Ginza

Tokyo houses this enormous shopping district, perhaps one of the most popular ones in Japan, and showcases it in flair. Shop big-name Japanese brands in the many streets of Ginza, surrounded by modern buildings and shiny, glass-faced showrooms. You can actually find some of the good Japanese fast-fashion brands here.

3. Shinjuku

Shinjuku is the busiest station in Japan, and it offers a wide variety of wares for the tourists to shop. This is perhaps the best place you can shop at to get the genuine Japanese shopping experience – all because the locals come here for their needs as well. Find everything from souvenirs to daily-needs in Shinjuku. Some of the better-known department stores here are ISETAN, Takashimaya and Keio.

4. Shibuya and Harajuku

Both these places are well-known to tourists and are connected. Look for the Center Gay shopping street in Shibuya to shop for some of the globally known international brands, like ZARA and Forever 21. In Harajuku, navigate to the Takeshita street for mid-range shopping and boutique-style stores, selling local items and handcrafted goods.

What are the Top Hotels to Stay in Tokyo?

1. Conrad Tokyo

Choose Conrad for a luxurious 5 star stay in Tokyo. A tastefully decorated gallery welcomes you in as you enter the hotel. Nearby is the Tokyo Bay adjoining the Hamarikyu Garden – great places for tourists to explore.

Location: Higashishinbashi, Minato

Distance from airport: 14.6 km by road from Haneda Airport

Guest rating ( 9

Fares ( $545 (2 persons/night)

2. The Strings

Boasting a stunning interior design, The Strings welcomes its guests on a 26th-floor reception with an atrium seven stories high! This 5 star hotel is located near Shinkansen and Shinagawa train station and lets you explore the famous Nikon Museum nearby.

Location: Shinagawa East One Tower

Distance from airport: 11.4 km by road from Haneda Airport

Guest rating ( 8.9

Fares ( $320 (2 persons/night)

3. Sadachiyo

Sadachiyo is an Edo-era style traditional ryokan equipped with modern amenities. Senso-ji temple is located half a kilometer from this hotel. Experience this 3 star hotel that looks like it has time-travelled a thousand years from the past.

Location: Asakusa, Taito

Distance from airport: 22.5 km by road from Haneda Airport

Guest rating ( 9

Fares ( $126 per night

4. The Claska

This is the only boutique-style hotel in Tokyo and offers facilities akin to a 4 star space. This artful building is the remodeling and preservation of an old, run-down business inn. You can visit the banks of Meguro River nearby for Cherry Blossom viewing.

Location: Chuocho, Meguro

Distance from airport: 15.9 km by road from Haneda Airport

Guest rating ( 8

Fares: ( $265 (2 persons/night)

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Tokyo is an understatement of a metropolis, a city constantly moving – an entity pulsing with energy. Book cheap flights to Tokyo, Japan with Cheapfaremart to live for a few days in this majestic fast-city.

Travel to Tokyo: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long does it take to reach Tokyo from the USA?


The travel time could vary depending upon the departure city or airport. The time spent in air with a nonstop or direct flight to Incheon is given below.

Departure Airport code, City, USA

Flight Time

LAX, Los Angeles

12 hours 15 minutes

JFK, New York

14 hours 15 minutes

SFO, San Francisco

11 hours 10 minutes

ORD, Chicago

13 hours 20 minutes

HNL, Honolulu

08 hours 45 minutes

SEA, Seattle

10 hours 20 minutes

Q2. What airlines offer the lowest flight ticket to Tokyo from Las Vegas?

Alaska Airlines and China Airlines have the most competitive airfare to Tokyo from Las Vegas. Alaska Airlines may have its stop-over or layover at San Francisco, US (SFO) and/or Taipei, TW (TPE). Other carriers operating on the route are American Airlines, Japan Airlines and United Airlines. The nonstop flight time can be 15 hours plus, add more time to it as per stopover or layover.

Q3. How many nonstop flights to Tokyo operate from the USA cities?

The approximate count of daily nonstop flights to Tokyo are as follows: 9 from Los Angeles, 5 each from New York City and Chicago, 4 from San Francisco and 3 from Seattle. The flights last roughly 11.5 hours.

Q4. What are the cheapest months to fly to Tokyo?

April to July are the cheapest months to fly to Tokyo. March, September, October, and November are the peak season months.

Q5. What is the connection airport for China Airlines flying to Tokyo?

Most of the connections with USA take place in Los Angeles, US (LAX). Outside USA, Taipei, TW (TPE).

Q6. What US cities and airlines have direct flights to Tokyo?

Departure Airport code, City, USA

Airline Name

LAX, Los Angeles

Singapore Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Japan Airlines, United Airlines

JFK, New York

Japan Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines

SFO, San Francisco

Japan Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, Malaysia Airlines

ORD, Chicago

Japan Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, Malaysia Airlines

HNL, Honolulu

United Airlines

SEA, Seattle

United Airlines, All Nippon Airways

Q7. What airlines has the lowest fare to Tokyo from Las Vegas?

Alaska Airlines along with its Oneworld alliance partner Singapore Airlines has cheap flights to Tokyo from Los Angeles. Flights usually have a connection at Los Angeles, US (LAX) airport.

Q8. What airlines offer cheapest ticket to Tokyo from Miami?

Cathya Pacific Airlines offer budget fare to Tokyo from Miami. However, the flights are with 1 or 2 connections.

Q9. What are the cheapest months to fly to Tokyo?

April to May are the cheapest months to fly to Tokyo in Japan.

Q10. What airlines have cheap tickets to Tokyo?

American Airlines and Alaska Airlines offer competitive airfare to Tokyo.

Q11. When to book airline ticket to Tokyo for the lowest fare?

Book your cheap flights 4–7 months before the scheduled departure.

Q12. What are the best carriers to fly to Tokyo from USA cities?

Japan Airlines is the top 5-rated airline (as per Skytrax airline rating 2023) serving most of the US cities.

Q13. How much is the airfare difference between economy and business class flight to Tokyo?

Business class airline tickets go up by 7 times of that of economy class tickets.

Q14. Do I need a tourist visa to visit Tokyo?


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