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Best time to Visit Mar del Plata

Summer (December through February) is amazing for traveling to Mar del Plata as the weather is perfect at this time of the year so you can enjoy exploring the region and the warm weather. Many activities can be done in summer there like swimming, diving, going for camping and adventures, etc. The average temperature during these months is approximately between 85.1°F (29.5°C) and 78.5°F (25.8°C). These times of year are slow/unreported with tourists.

Top Attractions in Mar del Plata

1. Museum del Mar

Mar del Plata has some amazing cultural aspects including Museum del Mar. You can explore a meteorology station, a small movie theater, some interesting aquariums, an incredible collection of shellfish, a theater, an interactive game area and much more.. This museum is considered a treasure of the municipality of General Pueyrredon.

2. Cathedral

Mar del Plata has a beautiful, unique construction which was built in 1898 and it shows a picture of the gothic architecture. The building is decorated with spectacular stained glass and the powerful sound of its bells. Five different types of metals are melded together to form this amazing bell giving it an incredible resonance, chimes of which you can hear in most of the city.

3. Lighthouse Punta Mogotes

At The Mogopod Point, you will find Lighthouse Punta Mogotes located in the south of the city. This incredible tower is about 185 feet tall. Since 1891, it has marked the limits of the territory as well as guiding vessels through the night with three beams of light.You can’t access it but you can see the function of this location which is considered a symbol of Mar del Plata.

4. Mar del Plata Aquarium

Mar del Plata Aquarium is a recreational center which has diverse species of fish in various, big aquariums. You can also explore some marine mammals and natural lagoons like local fauna and flora.

Adventures in Mar Del Plata

Mar del Plata is an amazing attraction to explore interesting adventures which attracts a lot of tourists to book flights to this city.

1. Centro Cultural Villa Victoria

Centro Cultural Villa Victoria is built by Victoria Ocampo who is the founder of the literary journal Sur. This genius man hosted literary salons with prominent intellectuals from around the world in this amazing place and opened it for tourists.

2. Torreón del Monje

Torreón del Monje looks like a castle. It is located on a cliff over the ocean. Visit this place once and you will never forget its beauty, especially the red domes and the stone footbridge.

3. Torre Tanque

This tower is an interesting medieval-style water-storage located on the top of the Stella Maris hill. It was built in 1943 and is still functioning until today.

4. Puerto Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata has many amazing fishing centers and Puerto Mar del Plata is the best. It is located 8km south of the city center, and Its remarkable port area worth a visit at least once.

Dining and Nightlife in Mar del Plata

Dining and nightlife is Mar del Plata have their own taste, so don’t mess exploring these amazing places, including:

1. Antares

Antares in Barrio Los Troncos is one of the most popular places in Mar del Plata. Some tourist book their flight just to visit this place and enjoy a variety of craft beers on tap and its excellent pub food.

2. Sur

Many locals, as well as the tourists, consider Sur as the best seafood restaurant in town with its brick walls and amazing theme.

3. Almacén Estación Central

This place is a hip corner bar mixed with a restored antique building which was an old corner store in the past.

4. Tisiano

If you enjoy pasta, then you have to visit this amazing restaurant which offers the best pasta and seafood like shrimp linguine.

Shopping in Mar del Plata

Who doesn’t like shopping? No one. So let’s enjoy some shopping Mar del Plata.Before booking your book flight to Mar del Plata, let’s explore some superb key shopping options:

1. Paseo Aldrey

Paseo Diagonal is an amazing place for shopping in Mar del Plata, it takes the prize for opening early at 7:30 a.m. and closing at 10:00 p.m. Enjoy shopping and exploring the movie theater at Paseo Diagonal. Check the movie schedule online here.

2. Rogena cosmetics

This is one of the best shops in Mar del Plata offering Cosmetics and beauty supplies of popular brands in reasonable prices. You must not mess this place.

3. El Lanero del Sud

This place is known for its stylish home decor, it is one of the best furniture stores here in Mar del Plata.

4. délire

You cannot visit this city without taking some souvenirs to your beloved ones, so check delire for the best accessories.

How to Reach Mar del Plata

Reaching Mar del Plata is easy. Mar del Plata Airport is the primary airport that bridges the city with the world. Check some popular airlines flying Mar del Plata Airport, like Aerolineas Argentinas, Alitalia, GOL Airlines, Etihad Airways and many others.

You can reach your destination by booking cheapest flights to San Carlos de Bariloche from Cheapfaremart. You will land at the Buenos Aires International airport and from there take the connecting flights to Bariloche. You can take a taxi from the airport, but that shall be costly to your pockets. The facility of buses is also there, but they are infrequent which makes it hard to grab one after a tedious flight. Your best bet will be to make your cab arrangements well in advance.

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