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 Tarom Airlines Flight Booking

Tarom Airlines Insights 

  • Primary Airports – Henri Coanda International Airport
  • Headquarters – Otopeni, Ilfov County, Romania
  • Most Traveled Routes – Bucharest – Istanbul, Cluj-Napoca – Bucharest, Bucharest – Amsterdam, Bucharest – Frankfurt, Bucharest – Paris
  • Popular DestinationsIstanbul, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Vienna, Prague, Cairo, Dublin, Bangkok, Geneva

In-Flight Experience with Tarom Airlines 

  • Business Class - From the time of check-in to the arrival of your checked luggage to the destination, customers traveling in business class are given priority. Before your flight, you can relax in the TAROM Business Lounge, featuring an open bar and buffet and TV, PC, and Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Passengers flying in Business Class are greeted with a beverage of their preference. The menu changes depending on the category of aircraft and the flight schedule. There is plenty of legroom and good cushioning in the business-class seats.

  • Economy Class - For travelers' comfort, economy class provides a host of complimentary services. In addition to a selection of beverages, you can enjoy many meals that you can order at least 12 hours before your journey. When checking in online, which should be done at least 30 hours before the flight, passengers can choose a seat on the plane for free. By providing the Air-Fi platform for games, movies, documentaries, internal discussions, and details about TAROM locations, eateries, and activities, TAROM Airlines helps keep you entertained during your travel. TAROM offers standard economy seats with plenty of legroom.
  • Special Services - TAROM Airlines offers a variety of special services to its passengers, including –
  • Wheelchairs - If you require wheelchair help at the airport, you must notify TAROM Airlines at least 48 hours before your flight. You can request this service by contacting the airline's customer care.
  • Unaccompanied Minors - If you wish your child to travel unaccompanied, you must book through the unaccompanied minor program. TAROM does not allow children under the age of 5 to fly alone.

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Before You Take Off, Here Are Some Must-Know Things About Tarom Airlines 

  • Book in Advance - You can find better flights and vacation package prices if you book ahead of time. Prices typically rise as the departure date approaches due to increased demand.
  • Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates - While booking, be open to shifting your travel dates by a day or two. Compare prices for different dates using Cheapfaremart's search tool. Our cutting-edge algorithm sifts through a variety of possibilities to help you choose the most cost-effective days to buy airline tickets.
  • Fleet - Tarom Airlines boasts an innovative airplane fleet that is spacious and comfortable. Tarom Airlines operates a wide range of contemporary aircraft. The Romanian airline Tarom has 23 aircraft of the following types in its fleet: Boeing 737-300, B737-700, ATR 42-500, ATR 72-500, and Airbus A30-300.
  • Frequent Flier Program - The airline sponsors a frequent flier program called Flying Blue to reward its frequent travelers. The duration of level miles you have accrued determines your membership level. On Tarom Airlines, travelers can earn Level Miles, and in general, each mile flown equates to one Flying Blue Mile. Any one-way trip on Tarom Airlines counts as a qualified flight to earn Level Miles. The airline provides conditions for flight tickets and, for those who travel frequently to a certain place, the option to purchase a membership at a very flexible price. Flight passes have validity for one year and need a minimum of six flights to the same destination.
  • Baggage Policy - Travelers aboard Boeing and Airbus airplanes are allowed to bring one piece of hand luggage, up to a maximum size of 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm, into the cabin. The dimensions of the luggage that is brought into the cabin on an ATR 42 or ATR 72 aircraft should not be bigger than 35 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm. Passengers traveling in business class are allowed three pieces of luggage, each having a maximum weight of 23kg, whereas those traveling in economy class are only allowed one piece of luggage.

Tarom Airlines FAQs

Q1. Is it possible to switch my seat preference when checking in online?

Yes, you can modify your seat preference while checking in online.

Q2. To check my flight status, do I need to register an account?

No, creating an account is not required to check the status of your flight.

Q3. How do I make a payment to Tarom Airlines?

Tarom accepts credit and debit card payments online.

Q4. What should I do if I forget my reservation number?

If you've misplaced your Tarom Airlines reservation number, you can get in touch with Tarom Customer Service.

Q5. Are liquids permitted in hand luggage?

Passengers may bring liquid items like beverages, perfumes, creams, and so on in containers with a maximum capacity of 100ml per container, contained in a transparent plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1 liter.

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