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Best Day And Time To Buy Airline Tickets

19 September 2023
Everyone wants cheap flight tickets but few only succeed in getting them. Here are some fundamental as well as quirky or unconventional tips, assessed by closely monitoring the airfare trend in 2018-2019, which can help you get bargain fares for your next holiday trip.

1. Best day of the week to buy flight tickets – weekends

Saturdays and Sundays are the best days to purchase airline tickets. The reason is obvious – instant weekend planners, who mostly resort on last-minute flight deals, by this time are done with their flight reservation. The competition for getting flights booked sees a drop. Airlines and consolidators, with a bid to keep the momentum up, offer discounted fares.

2. Best time to book flights – after mid-night hours

This is the time when travel consolidators (who take fares in bulk and sell them through travel agencies) and airlines update their inventories with revised fares. With more choices available, you have more opportunities to compare and grab discount or cheap airline tickets.

3. Best time to book international flights

The best time to book an international flight varies by destination. The best time to book to a flight to Central and South America is 54 days before the flight departure, to Canada or Mexico 75 days, to Europe 120 days, to Asia 120 days, to the Caribbean countries, it’s the longest, i.e., between 1 year and 320 days. Airlines open their flight booking window as early as 331 days ahead of the scheduled departure of their flights. If your travel is pre-planned you have ample time to book your cheap flight ticket. Also, keep other travel ideas discussed above in your mind to maximize your savings on an international flight ticket purchase.

4. Departure day selection matters way more

Best day and time to purchase airline tickets do not matter as much as the day of flight departure. The mid-weekdays from Tuesday to Thursday are the best for flight departure for budget travelers. However, exceptions could be there if there is an upcoming social or sports event. The popularity of a destination also contributes to the airfare trend.

5. Best time to book vs best time to fly

The time of flight booking is important but the time of flying is even more important if you are poised to get a cheap ticket.  Irrespective of the time of booking, a departure flight on a mid-weekday, a flight with late night or early morning (redeye flight) departure or arrival, or just after a major holiday, is most likely to come at a below-average fare.
Word of Caution: Do not wait until the last minute hoping to grab an impractical or unexpected low fare. Last-minute flights are mostly expensive.

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