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Best Tulip Festivals in the U.S

04 October 2023
Celebrating the beauty of nature – tulip festivals are a welcome invitation to all nature lovers. Whether you are planning a spring break holiday or a weekend escape, you can look forward to this colorful event organized all over the world. Organized to promote horticulture and local gardeners, these festivals have become a tourist attraction. Here are some notable tulip festivals in the USA.

#1. Skagit Tulip Festival

Skagit Tulip Festival
Venue/Location Skagit Valley (Washington state)
Date April 1 to April 30
Entry Fee $15 per person with children ages 2 and under free
If you stay in Washington or planning a vacation to the destination in April, you simply can’t turn down the idea of visiting the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. The valley has Seattle WA to the south, Vancouver BC to the north, the San Juan Islands to the west, and the North Cascade National Park to the east. Its proximity to Seattle also makes it popular as Seattle Tulip Festival. Major firms contributing to the cultivation are RoozenGaarde/Washington Bulb Co., Inc. and Tulip Town.
This month-long festival sees local farmers showcasing over 90 different crops, livestock, and dairy products on 93,000 acres of land. The agricultural land also serves as a habitat for thousands of swans, snow geese, and dabbling ducks.

#2. Albany Tulip Festival, New York

Albany Tulip Festival


Venue/Location Skagit Valley (Washington state)
Date April 1 to April 30
Entry Fee $15 per person with children ages 2 and under free
Greet spring at Albany Tulip Festival in New York. Blooming tulip flowers from different varieties and colors celebrate the dedication of Albany’s Dutch immigrants who kicked off the gardening and production of tulip flowers in the area. Apart from the tulip beds, you get a chance to experience the Dutch heritage, including handmade crafts, a fine arts show, delicious food, and much more. The last two Albany Tulip festivals were held virtually to comply with the state’s covid-19 safety guidelines.

#3. Utah Tulip Festival

Utah Tulip Festival


Venue/Location Lehi in Utah
Date April, May
Entry Fee (Adult) $20
Entry Fee (Child) $15
This tulip festival in Utah can be the best educational trip for your kids. The festival is organized by Thanksgiving Point, a nonprofit organization, in indoor and outdoor farm, garden, and museum complex in Lehi, Utah, United States. Its five main attractions include Ashton Gardens, Butterfly Biosphere, Farm Country, Museum of Ancient Life, and Museum of Natural Curiosity. The destination also has food corners and gift spaces. Approximately 2.8 million guests visit Thanksgiving Point.

#4. Fulton Tulip Festival

Fulton Tulip Festival


Venue/Location Whiteside County, Illinois
Date First weekend of every May
Entry Fee NA
Experience natural beauty at its best in Illinois, popularly known as the Dutch Days festival. The Fulton Tulip Festival provides visitors with a complete tour of history, heritage, and the great outdoors. Top attractions also include Andresen Nature Center, Cattail Park & Pavilion, de Immigrant Windmill, Fulton (Martin House) Museum & Fulton Historical Society, and Heritage Canyon.

#5. Richardson Tulip Festival

Richardson Tulip Festival


Venue/Location Spring Grove, IL
Date Mid-April through Mid-May
Entry Fee $15 per person
The Richardson Tulip Festival started only in 2021, but the farm has a long legacy. Robert Richardson established the farm on a 240 acres homestead ranch in 1836. Now, it has expanded to 544 acres and 2 farmsteads. They also organize an early fall Sunflower Festival. The 5th and 6th generations of the Richardson family take care of the farm.

#6. Iowa Tulip Time Festival

Iowa Tulip Time Festival


Venue/Location Pella, Marian County, Iowa
Date Early May
Entry Fee NA
Iowa Tulip Time festival has its beginning in 1935 in celebration of the town’s heritage. The event is organized by the Pella Historical Society and Museums. It is a three-day event that features street washing parades, costumed wooden shoe dancers, wooden shoe carving demonstrations, street vendors selling poffertjes, and an antique Dutch street organ.

#7. Holland Ridge Tulip Festival

Holland Ridge Tulip Festival


Venue/Location Holland, Michigan
Date Early May
Entry Fee (adult) $10 per person
Entry Fee (child) $5 per person
Also known as Tulip Time Festival, the Holland Ridge Tulip Festival is observed in Holland, Michigan annually. It’s one of the largest tulip festivals in the United States. You can get to see over 4.5 million tulips. The festival has 600,000 visitors each year. Apart from tulip gardens, other attractions include three parades, fireworks, a Dutch Market, various shows and concerts, a craft fair, klompen dancing, and street scrubbing.
Images Source: Pixabay


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