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First Time Flying In A Plane: Tips And Guide

09 October 2023
Excitement, confusion, and anxiety – experiencing all at the same time before boarding your flight? Well, you are not alone! All first-time air travelers go through this because they are curious but have no idea what to expect while flying on a plane.
Here are guidelines and tips to make this experience a bit more calming and relaxing.

Check-in online

Air travel has become unpredictable like never before. Travel restrictions due to the pandemic often make headlines. Now, they don’t surprise us anymore. You should check-in online and regularly confirm the status of your flight. Sometimes due to some unavoidable circumstances, flights are delayed, rescheduled, or even canceled. Confirm the schedule on the airline’s web or mobile application.

Learn the airline’s rules and luggage requirements

Overpacking is a situation that you can easily find yourself in especially being a first-time traveler. The carrier’s charge for the baggage depends on its size and weight. Check the airline’s website to know the dimension of checked-in and carry-on items.
Do some research of your own, know how much the airline you are traveling will charge you on checked luggage, carry-on luggage, and personal items. Know precisely what to carry and where the bags will be while on board. Be aware of this because different airlines have different requirements placed on luggage, and the amount may not be the same for all companies.

Carry all the essential travel documents

The stress that comes with planning a flight, especially when you are a first-time traveler, you might find yourself in a compromising situation where you forgot all your traveling documents or some of them. Always make sure that you are not leaving behind your identification card, the required visa, and passport before leaving your house for your first-time travel.
This situation might cause you regrets because countries will completely deny you entry to the destination place. Some might not allow you to leave their country without producing these documents.
If you are using an airline that needs you to check in at the airport, always ensure that you have carried your PNR number and handed it over to a check-in agent. But if the airline you are using has allowed you to check-in online, ensure that you have carried your boarding pass printed out or saved it on your mobile phone. Do not in any circumstance leave behind these documents or misplace them by any chance.

Dress in comfortable attire

This might sound very new, especially for a first-time traveler; consider what you will be putting on while traveling for maximum comfort. Because being uncomfortable on a plane for long hours and long distances can be very frustrating and full of regrets.
Wearing comfortable shoes and very easy to remove is necessary at the airport because security checks will need you to take the boots off for inspections. However, there is an exceptional case for individuals below the age of 12 years and the elderly above the age of 75 years.

Arrive early at the airport

Boarding a plane is not as easy as taking a train or a bus; this is something you should be aware of when you are having your first-time air travel. There is a procedure that you must follow at the airport to be able to board a plane. Your bags need to pass through security check-ups; as individual traveling, you must pass through every security check-up point before you are allowed to board a plane.
The situation sometimes tends to be a bit much where you will find long queues at the airport. This happens many times, especially during peak travel when the number of passengers goes up. You do not want to be left by a plane because you arrived late and could not go through the process on time. Ensure as a first-time traveler that you reach the airport 2 or 4 hours earlier before your flight, but this varies depending on your destination, whether domestic or international, to complete the process and be on board on time.
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Ensure you drink enough water

As a first-time traveler, you may realize that you are experiencing headaches and dizziness because it is your first time traveling on a plane. And because you are not used to low cabin humidity and high altitude. Try to also avoid beverages with high amounts of alcohol, as we all know alcohol causes dehydration. The best solution to overcoming this situation is to take in many quantities of water that will help you stay hydrated while traveling.

Research on your arrival airport

Know about your destination. Not just do you need to plan things to do, places-to-sees, hotels to stay in, and restaurants to eat, but also the best arrival airport, safe and affordable transportation means from and to airport, etc. You might be required to do some currency exchange as some countries may not allow you to use your cards at their ATMs while in the country. Currency exchange at an airport is an expensive option. Most charge a fee or service charge of anywhere from $5 to $15.

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