Hong Kong was visited by over 26.6 million visitors in 2017, according to a report released by Euromonitor International Limited. Recognized as one of the wealthiest financial and trading centers in Asia, Hong Kong attracts family and corporate alike.
If you are planning to holiday in this Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China, it’s worth to spend your valuable time on this Hong Kong Travel Guide focused on itinerary and budget.

Hong Kong Weather

There are two main seasons – dry and wet. The dry season starts from October and lasts until March. Mercury starts soaring in March, reaches its peak in July and August and then plummets in September as can be seen from the weather report obtained from weather-atlas.com.

Best Times to Visit Hong Kong

Weather-wise, citing the temperature and rainfall stats, the best time to visit Hong Kong is from October to December in the autumn and March to April in the spring season. The number of visitors increases exponentially in December and January in the wake of Christmas and New Year holidays.

Hong Kong is one of the most visited destinations in the world. Hence, it’s essential to plan your vacation confirming your air ticket to Hong Kong and hotel room when the season stays at its low, i.e., by June, July or August. If you don’t, you might end up spending more on your airfare and accommodation. Consulting with our travel experts might help you, provided you are flexible with your dates.

Hong Kong Travel Itinerary

From US Cities

US Airports Handling Nonstop Flight to Hong Kong

1.  John F. Kennedy International Airport (IATA: JFK) – New York City (NYC)

Flight Distance: 8,067 miles/12983 km
Flight Time: 16 hours 38 minutes
Top Airlines: Cathay Pacific, American Airlines, Air China, Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, Swiss International Airlines, United Airlines, Qatar Airways, Qatar Airways, Finnair, British Airways

2.  San Francisco International Airport (SFO) – (San Francisco)

Flight Distance: 6,919 miles/11134 km
Flight Time: 14 hours 20 minutes
Top Airlines: Hong Kong Airlines, Cathay Pacific, United Airlines,

3. Singapore Airlines

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) – Los Angeles
Flight Distance: 7,260 miles/11684 km
Flight Time: 15 hours 01 minute
Top Airlines: American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Air Canada

US Airports Handling Connecting Flight to Hong Kong

Connecting flights are available from most of the US airports (cities) including Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport – SJC (NYC), Oakland International Airport – OAK (San Francisco), and Washington-Dulles Intl – WAS (District of Columbia).

Some Popular Routes in Connecting Flights

S. No Route Distance (Time)
Excluding stopover)
Layover Airport
Expected Layover Time
1 Chicago (ORD) to Hong Kong – HKG 7,794 miles/12543 km (16 H 05 M) Shanghai – PVG 2-3 H
2 NYC (SJC) to Hong Kong (HKG) 6,957 miles/11196 km (14 H 25 M) Tokyo – NRT 3-4 H
3 Washington (WAS) to Hong Kong (HKG) 8,155 miles/13124 km (16 H 49 M) Beijing – PEK 2-3 H
4 Las Vegas (LAS) to Hong Kong (HKG) 7,298 miles/11744 km (15 H 6 M) Vancouver – YVR 1-2 H
5 Miami (MIA) to Hong Kong (HKG) 8,990 miles/14468 km (18 H 29 M) Zurich – ZRH 11-12 H

Use our flight booking to know about flight route connecting your city to Hong Kong. Speak to our travel expert to know about flight distance, flight time, layover airport, and layover timing and, book your cheap flight ticket to Hong Kong.

How Much Does a Flight to Hong Kong Cost?

The cost of a plane ticket to Hong Kong (Economy) has been listed for popular routes.

S. No. Flight Route Airfare (USD)
1 JFK to HKG 717.99
2 SFO to HKG 458.90
3 LAX to HKG 458.90
4 ORD to HKG 590.36
5 SJC to HKG 529.90
6 WAS to HKG 612.99
7 LAS to HKG 529.90
8 MIA to HKG 992.66

Note: Departure: 1 April 2019 | Arrival: (10 April 2019). The airfare is a dynamic component and might change anytime. Use the flight booking engine to know about the current airfare to Bangkok.

How Much Does a Hotel Room Cost in Hong Kong?

The hotel rentals of some popular hotels in Hong Kong have been shared in the table below.

S. No Hotel Name (Type) Distance from City Center (km) Rental (2 person/night) USD
1 Homy Hotel Central (3-star hotel) 0.8 72.76
2 Ibis Hong Kong Central & Sheung Wan (3-star hotel) 1.2 92.73
3 Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel (5-star hotel) 31.5 196.26
4 The South China Hotel 4.2 63.42
5 Butterfly on LKF Boutique Hotel Central 0.4 204.23

Note: Check-in: 01 April 2019 | Check-out: (02 April 2019). Rates are based on Booking.com.The rental is a dynamic component and might change anytime. Use any trusted hotel booking website to compare rental and confirm your reservation.
Hope you found this Hong Kong travel guide useful. We welcome travelers who have already been to the place to drop their experience about Hong Kong travel as that would help travelers who are making their mind to visit Hong Kong.




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