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Things To Do In Lake Tahoe

17 October 2023
If peace, adventure, and Covid-19 safety are at the core of your holiday plan, Lake Tahoe is the place to be. Straddling between California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe, also known as, Emerald Bay, is one of the largest freshwater lakes. It’s part of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. The area surrounding this prime tourist attraction is also known as Lake Tahoe, or simply Tahoe. More than 75% of the lake’s watershed is national forest land and is managed by the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit of the United States Forest Service. Add the following things to do to your Lake Tahoe vacation plan.

#1. Hiking

First things first. Walk through the Sierra Nevada Mountains to take a deep dive into the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe surroundings. There are popular resorts to help you plan your hiking journey and enjoy activities that you love. Listen to their advice regarding safety. It’s important to have essentials like appropriate footwear, a map and compass, rain-gear and dry-fast layer, and food and water while you plan your trip.

#2. Sailing Cruise

Some things are best enjoyed in a group and cruising through Lake Tahoe is one of them. Cherish the freedom and tranquility of the emerald beauty below an azure sky above. Cruises powered by wind alone make sure that nothing spoils the peace. Sip complimentary local beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks on board. Most of the tour operators organizing the cruise are licensed by the US Coast Guard. Enjoy your cruise without spoiling the environment.

#3. Boating

Boating is a primary activity in Tahoe in the summer. If you happen to be there in August, block your calendar around the Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance. It’s an annual wooden boat show. There are lake front restaurants all over the lake, most equipped with docks and buoys. There are all sorts of boating events, such as sailboat racing, firework shows over the lake, guided cruises, and more.

#4. Fishing

Live out your wildest dreams. If you want to test your ability to focus and experience the serenity of nature at the same time, there is nothing better than fishing. Visiting Lake Tahoe in the morning could be the best idea. You can easily find fishing equipment on rental from the nearest tour operator.

#5. Water skiing

Besides being in perfect physical and mental condition, you need to be disciplined now. Establishing balance on the water with the correct body posture is the key to successful skiing. Water skiing is one of the popular things to do in Lake Tahoe. It’s easy to find tour operators offering not just the water skis, life jackets, and other vital instruments for fun with safety but also professionals to provide you training.

#6. Parasailing

Want to defy gravity? Well, parasailing or paraskiing gives you the opportunity. The recreational activity looks somewhat similar to paragliding done on the land as you have a canopy to provide thrusts in the air, but you are also attached to a boat on the surface via a string. The string controls you like a kite in the sky.

#7. Paddleboarding/kayaking

Want to explore the Lake Tahoe water, but without getting wet? If you answered yes, paddleboarding is for you. All you need is a surfboard and a longer version of canoe paddle to propel yourself in the water. Sail through the water at a pace you love and experience the tranquility of nature. Listen to everything from the ripples of water that your push backward and birds making their ways in the sky. There can’t be a better way to talk to yourself.

#8. SCUBA diving

If you are visiting California or Nevada around summer, add Lake Tahoe to your things-to-do list. At 1,645 feet (501 m), Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the U.S. Experienced scuba divers go as far as 300 feet (91 m) from shore exploring sunken trees, vertical cliffs, and numerous large boulders. There are several diving sites including Emerald Bay Dive Trail and Sand Harbor State Park. The latter is the most preferred destination for beginners due to its shallow water and sand beds. Get a chance to encounter the marine lives including crawfish, minnows, and mudsuckers.

#9. Motorcycling

Experience the idyllic beauty of the lake by riding a motorcycle. The most popular route starts from the California side in the clockwise direction. Riding north via route 89 allows riders to pull over to the right to admire the views without crossing traffic. Continuing onto highway 28 East, and finally, onto US-50 West will complete the full tour. You can also take the reverse route. Kingsbury Grade (Highway 207) is another popular route.

#10. Donner Memorial State Park and Emigrant Trail Museum

The place serves as a guide to tourists visiting Lake Tahoe. The Donner Memorial State Park and Emigrant Trail Museum honor one of the darkest moments in American pioneering. The place sits 3 miles west of Truckee. There are campsites with restrooms and showers, as well as picnic areas. The museum has exhibits including postcards, posters, maps, and books revealing the history and navigation. The park is open daily from sunrise to sunset; the visitor center is open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It costs $10 to park in the parking lot May through September and $5 the rest of the year.

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