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Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Rhodes Shouldn’t Be Missed

04 October 2023
Out of the 15 large and 150 small Greek islands (Collectively known as The Dodecanese) in the southeastern Aegean Sea, off the coast of Asia Minor (Turkey), Rhodes is the most popular ones that grab the attention of travelers from round the world. If you have got your plane tickets to Rhodes, or are planning a vacation to Rhodes islands, here are top 10 must-see things in Rhodes that you must include in your wish list.

Grand Master's Palace

Few would believe that architecture of such a magnificence existed before the waves of Renaissance (14th to 17th century). But the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes also known as the Kastello (Italian: Castello, “castle”) presents a contradiction. Built on the famous Gothic architecture in Greece, the place was a citadel of the Knights Hospitaller and served as their headquarters and fortress. In 1988, it was designated as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The Grand Master's Palace in Rhodes island Greece

La Juderia

Nestled in the eastern part of the City of Rhodes, La Juderia, was the former Jewish quarter of the city. The quarter was inhabited by Sephardic, Ladino-speaking Jews, who arrived here in 16th century after their expulsion from Spain. To learn the tales of the Jewish history, culture and other details, step into the Rhodes Jewish Museum that was established in 1997.

Acropolis of Rhodes

Situated 3 kilometers from the center of the city or Rhodes, Acropolis of Rhodes is a prominent citadel built on elevated land. The architecture dates back to (5th–3rd century BC). It houses the famous Temple of Apollo, followed by a stadium and a small theatre. The stadium measures 210-metre north-south and was a place for athletic events.
Acropolis of Lindos, Rhodes, Greece

Windy Beach Rhodes

Situated at the western end of the Rhodes City, this is a perfect place for enjoying the beach ecosystem. Cold breeze swipes the beach even in the hottest summer. Hence, tourists prefer to spend most of their vacation time here. However, it is not as crowded as eastern strand called Elli.
Beautiful Rhodes island, Greece

Elli Beach

The beach stretches from the east of the Cape to all the way to the Mandraki harbor and is characterized by a mixture of gravel and sand. Opposite to Windy, the place remains windless. However, it remains abuzz with the activities. There are plenty of sunbeds. The place is home to a casino with a pool area and restaurants. While relaxing, you can enjoy refreshing drinks and fruit as vendors keep offering their products reaching out to their customers.
Elli beach on Rhodes city island, Dodecanese, Greece.

In Camera Art Boutique Hotel

The hotel, situated in the center of the Old Town, amalgamates the best of environmental and cultural aspects of Greek and delivers the best hospitality experience. The ambiance and the artistic sensibilities of the hotel rooms shouldn’t raise eyebrows, as the hotel owner himself is a multi-exhibited, award-winning photographer. He has uniquely named the seven suites of the hotel after the name of his exhibitions.
The space is ideal for honeymooners, anniversaries and a perfect location inside the Old Town.


Tsambika is a place where tranquility and serenity exist at their best. Unlike other beaches that have been swapped by urbanization, Tsambika maintains its raw natural beauty. The beach is characterized by fine golden sand and shallow water. The beach remains warmer than other beaches on Rhodes and is ideal for sunbathing and enjoying beach sports. Feeling tired and want some refreshments? Well, there is a restaurant and a small store serving beverages and snacks.
Tsambika beach with golden sand in Rhodes, Greece


Though the area is devoid of direct amenities and facilities, this is a paradise for nature lovers. Spend your day or night being surrounded with clear water. The wind is not fast enough to support windsurfing and other beach activities, but you will love the serene and secluded place. Here you travel to enjoy a nice area for yourself or your family. However, the area is not easily accessible, unless you rent a car.
Fourni Monolithos Rhodes

Rhodes Toy Museum

Surrounded by mountains and pine forests, this is a children’s museum and your kid will enjoy the museum for sure. And its lighting system is powered by solar energy. The museum is home to toys, games, and mechanics from very old to not-so-long ago you will love this place! The museum is situated just outside the village of Archipoli on the road Archipoli- Psinthos. Opening hours: daily from 10 p.m till 5 p.m (7th of April until 1th of November). Entrance: Free! Website:

Hike the beautiful east side of Rhodes

Take refuge in nature and relax. Blessed with a serene beauty characterized by an old monastery, a river, a path rich in pine trees, magnificent sea views and a long coastline, the east side of the Island is a perfect place to enjoy the company of nature. Travelers have to tread the path to Trifeniotisa Monastery outside the village of Masari. Crossing the river of Gaidouras and passing through the pine forests is an altogether different experience.
The East Side of Providence, Rhode Island

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