Cheap Plane Tickets to Baltimore Maryland

The displayed fares were last found on: Wed | 01 June 05:22 PM(EST) . Fares are round trip.

  • MCOOrlandoTue | 30 Aug
    BWIBaltimoreWed | 07 Sep
    $ 127.98
  • ORDChicagoSat | 27 Aug
    BWIBaltimoreSat | 03 Sep
    $ 217.20
  • IAHHoustonSat | 27 Aug
    BWIBaltimoreWed | 07 Sep
    $ 215.18
  • LGANew York CitySat | 27 Aug
    BWIBaltimoreSat | 03 Sep
    $ 157.97
  • LAXLos AngelesSat | 27 Aug
    BWIBaltimoreWed | 07 Sep
    $ 371.17
  • DFWDallasTue | 30 Aug
    BWIBaltimoreWed | 07 Sep
    $ 219.18

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Baltimore, Maryland, USA: Overview

Baltimore is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Maryland. The state has a coastal area with Atlantic Ocean towards its east. Inner Harbor of Baltimore was once the second leading port of entry for immigrants to the United States. The city is about 40 miles (64 km) northeast of Washington, D.C..

Baltimore experiences a humid subtropical climate (according to the Köppen climate classification). It has long hot summers, and cool to mild winters.  Summers are normally hot, with occasional late day thunderstorms.

July is the hottest month (mean temperature 80.3 °F (26.8 °C)). Winters are chilly to mild but variable, with sporadic snowfall. January is the coldest month in Baltimore, with an average high-temperature of 42.4°F (5.8°C) and an average low-temperature of 29.1°F (-1.6°C).

Airport in Baltimore

Airport Name: Baltimore Airport or BWI

Official Name: Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport

Airport Code: BWI,

Location: The airport is nine miles (14 km) south of downtown Baltimore and 30 miles (48 km) northeast of Washington D.C.

Quick Facts: The airport is focus city for two leading low-cost carriers, Southwest Airlines, and Spirit Airlines. So getting cheap air tickets to Baltimore should be easier.

Top airlines at BWI by passenger traffic share

  1. Southwest (65.97%)
  2. Spirit (10.48%)
  3. Delta (7.56%)
  4. American (6.23%)
  5. United (4.10%)
  6. Other (5.65%)

Know more about Baltimore Airport

Airfare to Baltimore: Monthwise Trends

If you are planning a visit to Baltimore and looking for the cheapest month to fly to the city, these Baltimore airfare trends could help you. We have tracked the airfares to Baltimore from all six popular US time zones: Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HAT), Alaska Standard Time (AKT), Pacific Standard Time (PST), Mountain Standard Time (MST), Central Standard Time (CST), and Eastern Standard Time (EST) to know the cheapest, moderate and the most expensive months to fly to Baltimore.

Honolulu to Baltimore (HNL to BWI)

  • Cheapest Airline Tickets from Honolulu: December, January, February, March and April
  • Costliest Airline Tickets from Honolulu: June and July
  • Moderate Airline Tickets from Honolulu: October and November
  • Airfare (USD)

Alaska to Baltimore (ANC to BWI)

  • Cheapest Air Tickets from Alaska: April, May, July, August, September, October
  • Costliest Air Tickets from Alaska: November, December
  • Average Air Ticket Cost from Alaska: January, February, and June
  • Airfare (USD)

Los Angeles to Baltimore (LAX to BWI)

  • Cheapest Air Tickets from Los Angeles: January, February, April, August, September, October
  • Costliest Air Tickets from Alaska: November followed by December
  • Average Air Ticket Cost from Alaska: March, June, July
  • Airfare (USD)

Denver to Baltimore (DEN to BWI)

  • Cheapest Air Tickets from Denver: January
  • Costliest Air Tickets from Denver: June to November
  • Moderate Air Tickets from Denver: February, April, May
  • Airfare (USD)

Chicago to Baltimore (ORD to BWI)

  • Cheapest Air Tickets from Chicago: February
  • Costliest Air Tickets from Chicago: November followed by December
  • Average Fare from Chicago: June to October
  • Airfare (USD)

New York to Baltimore (JFK to BWI)

  • Cheapest Air Tickets from New York: January to November
  • Costliest Air Tickets from New York: December (Festive season triggers)
  • Average Fare from Baltimore: January to November
  • Airfare (USD)

Note: Last Wednesday of every month for one-way fare for American Airlines as found on Nov 4, 2019. Average of August and September fares is taken for that of September’s. Fares not available for October as the airline has only 331 days of advance reservation window.

Airline Choices

Airlines choices from US cities with most flights to Baltimore

City State Airport Airlines
Atlanta Georgia (GA) ATL Delta, Southwest, Spirit
Fort Lauderdale Florida (FL) FLL Southwest, Spirit
Orlando Florida (FL) MCO Frontier, Southwest, Spirit
Boston Massachusetts (MA) BOS JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit
Charlotte North Carolina (NC) CLT American, Southwest, Spirit
Denver Colorado(CO) DEN Frontier, Southwest, Spirit, United
Chicago Illinois ORD American, Spirit, United
Tampa Florida (FL) TPA Southwest, Spirit
Detroit Michigan (MI) DTW Delta, Southwest, Spirit
Los Angeles California (CA) LAX Alaska, Southwest, Spirit, United

Top Attractions in Baltimore

Named for Lord Baltimore (Cecilius Calvert) in the Irish House of Lords, Baltimore played a key role in events that shaped the nation’s history, including the American Revolution. Despite holding a great legacy, Baltimore remains underrated on the tourism map. Here are some of the top places to see and things to do in Baltimore, also tagged as the Monument City.

1. National Aquarium

If you are visiting Baltimore with kids, add National Aquarium to your things-to-do list. It boasts to be the North America’s first dolphin sanctuary. The sanctuary’s mission is to protect cetaceans by offering a natural environment and improve the audience’s understanding about them. The aquarium houses more than 20,000 aquatic animals, including the Eastern box turtle, Critter Chats, and others. Kids and adults alike enjoy 4D Immersion Films. The place receives over 1.5 million visitors per year.

1.1.  National Aquarium Ticket Price

  • Adults: $39.95
  • Children (Ages 3-11): $29.95
  • Seniors (Ages 65+): $34.95
  • Children 2 and under: Free

2. Maryland Science Center

What are the latest global challenges and how they impact life? Are there any threats to our earth from the collision of any external meteorites or other heavenly bodies? Is there life beyond earth or the solar system? These science or general knowledge quiz questions often puzzle not just kids but also their parents. If you are traveling Baltimore with your primary or secondary level kid, consider visiting Maryland Science Center.

The Science Center have all the answers. Don’t forget to save time for an IMAX film or Planetarium show. The place has an annual attendance of 500,000. You can witness global changes on a 3-dimensional sphere at Science On a Sphere, encounter the night sky in all its glory on its rooftop Observatory, and stay up to date on the heavenly bodies through StarMaps.

2.1.  Maryland Science Center Ticket Price

  • Adult Admission: $25.95
  • Child Admission (3 to 12 years): $19.95
  • Senior Admission (62+): $24.95

3. Port Discovery Children’s Museum

Whether you are visiting Baltimore with a toddler or kids as old as 10 years, Port Discovery Children’s Museum has got you covered. The museum offers three floors of educational and interactive exhibits, programs and activities that evoke curiosity in their minds and encourage them to use their imaginations, ask questions, and explore how things work as they learn through play. Experiences based on real-world situations help developing skills in children that are useful not just in study but also in life. Playing together also helps them socialize and learn the skills to respect, compete and cooperate – all together. It has been ranked among the top five children’s museum in the US by Forbes.

3.1.  Port Discovery Children’s Museum Ticket Price

  • General Adult: $17.95
  • General Child: $17.95
  • General Under Under 1: $0.00

4. Tours & Sightseeing

Running short of time? Take a guided tour and sightseeing. The most reliable are the tours led by the Baltimore National Heritage Area’s urban rangers. However, you may also find independent operators there. Take a stroll through the story of Baltimore, the National Anthem during the War of 1812, a city divided during the Civil War, learn about industry and commerce in the port city, and the struggles and triumphs of its peoples. Walking tours are also popular amid visitors. Experience neighborhoods like Mount Vernon, Pennsylvania Avenue or Fell’s Point.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to book cheap airplane tickets to Baltimore?

Book your ticket to Baltimore at least four to eight weeks before a scheduled flight departure. If you are planning a special Baltimore vacation, i.e. traveling around Thanksgiving, Good Friday, Christmas, etc., do not wait for a below-average kind of unexpected fare. Airlines know the demand and they keep their fares tight on the day.

Traveling on the festival day has its perk. The time of flight departure is critical too. For example, from New York to Baltimore on the day of Christmas, the flight with its departure by 4 in the evening or later, costs you less ($199) while when you keep the departure by 12 Noon or before, it costs you more or almost double ($402).

What is the cheapest airline to fly to Baltimore?

Spirit Airlines is the cheapest airline to fly to Baltimore. Luckily, all major destination cities or airports have nonstop or connecting flights to Baltimore. If you are home departure city is Denver or Orlando, you get one more choice in LCC category with Frontier.a

How far is Baltimore?

Flights to Baltimore Flight Distance Flight Time Time Difference
HNL to BWI 4,855 miles/7813 km 10 hours 13 minutes BWI is 5 hours ahead
ANC to BWI 3,369 miles/5422 km 07 hours 14 minutes BWI is 4 hours ahead
LAX to BWI 2,329 miles/3748 km 04 hours 35 minutes BWI is 3 hours ahead
DEN to BWI 1,491 miles/2400 km 02 hours 56 minutes BWI is 2 hours ahead
ORD to BWI 621 miles/1000 km 01 hour 27 minutes BWI is 1 hour ahead
JFK to BWI 184 miles/296 km 40 minutes No difference